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PublishPress Capabilities – User Role Editor, Access Permissions, Admin Menus

PublishPress Capabilities is the best plugin to control permissions, user roles, and admin menus. You can manage who has access to your WordPress site …
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PublishPress Capabilities gives you control over all the capabilities and permissions on your WordPress site. We built this user role editor plugin so you have an EASY and POWERFUL way to manage users.

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Much better UI than other capabilities plugin and excellent support

By Daniel Maier (demaier) on September 18, 2023

Unlike other capabilities plugins I have used, which were a check box matrix, PublishPress Capabilities make it easy for you to control and set WordPress capabilities in a much better user interface.

I also had a great experience with their support.

Great for my very customized website.

By newtech1 on August 29, 2023

I have a very customized wordpress site that has a bbpress forum. Because of ACF custom fields I must post topics from backend. Challenging to make it all work, Capabilties plugin helped resolve my challenges along with many edits. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because not many options when using it with bbpress forums-limited in editing bbpress forum roles.

Excellent for large sites with many editors

By jakedawg on August 24, 2023

This plugin worked very well for my needs. I had a client with a large WordPress site (500+ pages) and many content editors. They wanted content editors to have access only to specific pages and sections, and this plugin was able to provide that functionality.

Looks good but isn't doing what I need

By alwiggins on August 18, 2023

This offers great flexibility, but I am trying to provide unfiltered html privileges to Admins on a multistite network and it doesn't work. It looks like Admins have the privilege but then parts of html continue to be stripped out unless added by me as super admin. bummer

Wasn't expecting this, but it's good

By thebetterkevinraposo on August 15, 2023

I didn't know what to expect other than the plugin attempting to upsell me, but nope, I didn't even get that. PublishPress offers way more than they need to, but hey, I'm not going to complain about that, but I guess I am in some way.

I run a pretty big news site, and using it has helped me provide access to those who have shown responsibility in the backend. But yea, it's good. Try this before spending any real money on something else.

Works well meets our requirements.

By davidmarkwell on August 13, 2023

A very useful plugin for an organisation that need to control access to specific admin features of a wordpress site.

The only plugin of its kind

By yousefr96 on August 8, 2023

This plugin is the only plugin that allows you to create custom capabilities without having to write any code in your website's source code.
they provide a friendly user interface that allows you to hide any element or feature in your WordPress dashboard or on the frontend of your website.
and the support was great.

Looks good!

By oktamam on July 28, 2023

wrong forum!

Awesome Plugin

By john1000usa on June 6, 2023

Awesome plugin that is fully featured (I'm using the Pro version) and makes setting up permissions for my team a breeze. I can highly recommend.

Truly useful plug-in for even a small site

By WebSprite (contentsprite) on April 20, 2023

My site is small with a woo shop. Until this plugin my only recourse to ban bad actors who create accounts to harass and spam was via IP address, but I could do nothing about the user visiting from another IP address.

Enter this plug-in - I created a user role called "Banned." Between the two strategies my life has become much simpler.

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