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Broken Link Checker

Check posts, pages & all content for broken links & missing images to improve SEO. Get notified when bad links are found.
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The fastest and most accurate broken link checker for WordPress. Join over 700K people who use Broken Link Checker to monitor and detect broken links 20x faster than other plugins, with pinpoint accuracy. No page limits, no ads, no upsells. Enjoy effortless, unlimited, and automated broken link checking from the get-go.

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By leviblu on September 22, 2023

Helped so much
i had so many redirections and just really wanted to destroy the problem from the source THANK YOU


By jayadream on September 20, 2023

good plugin

Crashed my site; broke my database

By osaopaulo on August 19, 2023

Sadly, the plugin broke my site and corrupted my database on install. Never had the chance to use the plugin: as I activated it, the site went down... on the errors log, showed that the plugin messed (or tried to, don't know...) with the database collation.

Nice !

By elyazalee on August 16, 2023

Good work !

Great help, automation to keep the links working

By Renaat (rsioncke) on August 16, 2023

This plugin is a great help to keep the links on my website working. The plugin provides a great automation tool that makes up-to-date links easy to manage. The new cloud-based features are perfectly integrated to my WordPress hosting. Keep on the good work!

Told BLC Only Needed Starter Plan

By dmaustin on August 14, 2023

Installed BLC Plugin and was prompted to upgrade my membership. I selected Pro and paid $150 for an annual membership as I was planning to install on two primary and two staging sites (WPMU DEC unfortunately counts these as separate sites for licensing purposes). When I tried to use BLC, it told me I had reached the tree site limit as the Pro membership actually has three plans WITHIN that plan and the lowest (Standard) has a three site limit. Confusing! When I contacted support I was told:

be absolute honest with you, you don't need pro level for using BLC. So, let's sort this out for you.

She was nice enough to process a refund which I hope to see, but when I cancelled and restarted the membership at the Starter Level, I am prompted by BLC:


Upgrade your membership to start using Broken Link Checker

So the Plans are not clearly articulated and WPMU DEV support conveys wrong information.

I'm deleting this plugin and resigned that I won't get the last wo hours of my life back!

It's now cloud, unclear what happen if you connect with an account

By feinstaub on August 13, 2023

4 Stars for the classic version still available. And I hope ist stays.

1 Star for the cloud version:
I can't recommend this anymore. It is now cloud and you need to have a could account you connecting your website with. It is unlcear or difficult to understand what exactly is beeing done. What data the plugin shares etc. pp

There WAS An Issue But The Support Was Epic

By mysticmedusa on September 19, 2023

Initially (see below) this plugin caused an issue. So why the Five Star review? Well the support was superb. The team was responsive, looked into the situation properly (as opposed to just fobbing off the user as so many do), provided a granular, logical explanation for what had occurred and then rolled out an update that addressed it. So I was understandably upset when I wrote the below but the fact is that the team behind the plugin were excellent and while disconcerting, the issue was addressed and fixed rapidly.

I wanted to like this but on install it crashed the database and deleted all existing links - this was before even seeing or touching the settings. Install and click "activate" - disaster. The fact that this could even occur, no matter how rarely, is horrifying and it's set me back god knows how long.


By Roger Vikstrom on July 22, 2023

like this

Cloud-based Broken Link Checker Is Amazing

By pavlovbob on July 17, 2023

I was very happy with the original Broken Link Checker, but this is a notch above. Love it!!

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