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Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze is a WordPress Caching Plugin developed by Cloudways. Breeze uses advance caching systems to improve WordPress loading times exponentially.
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Plugin Information

Breeze is a free, simple (yet powerful) and user-friendly WordPress Caching Plugin developed by the Cloudways team. It offers various options to optimize WordPress performance at various levels. It works equally great with WordPress, WordPress with WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite.

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Have Bugs dont use it

By richard0508 on February 21, 2023

Let my website have a CSS error, spent me two days fix the problem!

Good until latest update

By WoltersAdvertising on February 19, 2023

Breeze was always something that just worked and really sped up my website. The latest update tweaks the CSS of the site. Very odd behavior. Turn Breeze on, site is not responsive and styling is all messed up; turn Breeze off and everything is exactly as it was before the update. Have purged cache, etc. nothing fixes it. No changes were made to the site other than updating Breeze. I see others have similar issues so hoping they figure it out and issue a fix.

Last update break site

By bnew215 on February 14, 2023

Quite terrible, last update break site

Uninstalled - Bugs make it unreliable

By Auspire (auspirecom) on January 16, 2023

This fairly basic plugin seems more like something still in development. We were getting bugs even on holding pages - images failing to load for example. We had to turn off lazy loading or disable this plugin to make the problem go away.

Lacks many features seen in other caching plugins too. Excluding some images (above the fold this is a good idea) from lazy loading is one such option that would be nice.

We also saw an array of data displayed raw in the plugin settings page after pressing save. Not sure why this was appearing.

Might revisit it in another 6 months.

Terrible App!

By ardeleans on December 28, 2022

Extremely terrible app that messes up your whole site, my pixel tracking and google analytics were skewed due to this app and wasted a ton of time trying to figure out why this was happening.

Keep running into problems

By aph5 on December 3, 2022

2 updates since 2.0.10 have introduced bugs into my website, where previously it was working correctly with Breeze. This has caused lots of lost time and some lost revenue. I can't take the risk to run into more issues. Quality control needs to improve. Something is going very wrong there. Will update this review if anything changes, but this is the truth for now.

Solid plugin, bad updates

By SomeoneElseEntirely on November 21, 2022

Hey, please stop deploying updates with errors. You did it again today.

Simple Varnish magic, baffling omissions

By Thomas Nybergh (apecat) on September 28, 2022

This is a decent way to configure the Varnish caching layer, which is present by default on Cloudways-hosted Wordpress applications. The UX and the way the important things are laid out and emphasized is rather good, and the plugin offers simple access to some very useful general performance tweaks. However, options for the caching itself are oddly lacking, in ways that will force some users to look for other plugins. Some other reviews here point out cookie settings and issues with lazy loading and minimization. Like, why on earth are RSS feeds explicitly excluded from caching by Varnish? Granted, RSS isn't the end-user facing major chungus it once was in the golden age of blogs, but feeds are still useful. If Cloudways-included Object Cache Pro is present on a site with this plugin, some page cache bypassing requests for RSS may not be an instant disaster. But I can think of no reasons why RSS shouldn't be served by Varnish and flushed by the plugin like other content when posts are updated. This could be an excellent one-stop shop for caching on Cloudways if some common issues were addressed. Right now, it's pretty, yet mediocre.

A disgrace for the Cloudways platform

By George (quantum_leap) on September 8, 2022

This plugin has issues as far as I can remember being a Cloudways customer. No real love has ever been shown to the plugin. Having the minified CSS shows as render-blocking attests to the low level that the developers of this plugin have reached. Lazy load also causes layout issues on a solid theme (GeneratePress). I am really sad a thousand times of how this plugin keeps disappointing me and other users. I hope the Digital Ocean buyout of the platform brings some improvements to the overall platform because you guys just suck! With all due respect!

errors, errors and more errors

By Bettina (bettinag) on September 2, 2022

Sorry, but this plugin has more bugs than features. Always have problems with your support, too. I am switching not to another cache plugin, and later that month to another hosting.

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