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Total Upkeep – WordPress Backup Plugin plus Restore & Migrate by BoldGrid

Automated backups, remote backup to Amazon S3 and Google Drive, stop website crashes before they happen and more. Total Upkeep is the backup solution …
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Total Upkeep is more than just a “backup plugin.” It can help stop website crashes before they even happen.

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Nice automatic backups

By softweave on September 22, 2023

This plugin came with my BoldGrid installation. It makes backups easy.


By ccgleneden on September 18, 2023

Works for me.

Saved me once!

By GeraldOngSL on September 10, 2023

Saved me once! really help to have downloaded this by chance so here I am returning the favor with a five star review

Works for me

By bfbca on September 9, 2023

Works for me, no issues. Thank you for the free plugin!

Thanks for the plugin and support

By gravenb on September 4, 2023

In my experience, this plugin works great. I don't have to worry about it and it does what it is supposed to do. I recommend it to every wp user as well. Thanks for using this plugin.


By zehlchen on August 27, 2023

This plugin does everything it claims it should.

Buen Plugins

By edgardobunews on August 15, 2023

MUy facil de usar

Restoration deleted views from database and some site settings :/

By Mihkel Roomet (mihkelroomet) on August 15, 2023

I installed the plugin, looked though settings, saw nothing about views in a database, made a backup, changed the value in one cell in a WPDB table for testing, restored from the backup I'd just made and found that all views in the WPDB had been deleted. I'm assuming it never backed them up and then dropped everything in the database before recreating it. Maybe. Because the cell I'd updated also didn't revert to its original value. But I could consider that fair enough, since the table it was in did not have the wp prefix — even though it would be nice to have it clearly stated somewhere that the backup does not work on any tables without the prefix. Maybe it was but I couldn't find it in the few minutes I investigated the plugin for.

Still, I couldn't say it's performed much worse than its alternatives' free versions, which is why I'm still giving it a 2/5.

Edit: Just noticed it had also reverted plugins' auto-update settings to defaults. That's kinda scary, it means a lot of other site configuration could be lost as well. I have to downgrade the rating to 1/5, I'm afraid.

Works Great!

By fotmich on August 11, 2023

Like other posters have said: "Right out of the box." Plugins can be hit or miss, but this one worked great for us with zero issues. Thanks!


By cara9028 on August 6, 2023

Easy to save and retrieve backups. GREAT plugin

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