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BlogVault WordPress Backup Plugin – Migration, Staging, and Backups

Comprehensive WordPress backup plugin with integrated staging, migration, and 1-click restore. Get daily or real-time secure WordPress backups easily.
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The Most Reliable Incremental WordPress Backup Plugin with Free Cloud Storage. The best Part, Comes with a FREE Staging Environment.

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Didn't succeed the first time but great support team intervened

By Brucette on September 19, 2023

I used the plugin to migrate a staging website created on the website subfolder to the main domain. The plugin succeeded but the live website didn't show up correctly and had critical errors. I requested help from the support team and they were really reactive & efficient and fixed the problem within the day. Great support!

Not Reliable For Huge Sites

By Eli (RealAct) on August 18, 2023

We have a huge community site with over 24k members and hundreds of pages, articles, and profile pages. We paid the $100 or more (Can't remember exactly) dollars for a full year membership. First time we attempted a recover from their backups, the whole site was a mess.

Our whole forum area was absolutely broken and missing. The database was full of errors. Widgets were not restored to the right places. Totally defaced website.

The first sign that something was wrong with the recover was when the plugin initially said it had found over 49k files to restore. Then suddenly out of the blue it says it was recovering 2k files out of 3k files or something like that. It went through the file recovery really fast, just a couple of minutes, then delayed much longer to recover the databases (which in theory should have been faster than recovering all the thousands of files on our site)

We just cancelled the account, and they have not even bothered to contact us and ask what was wrong or if they could be of any help. No refund, no nothing. Not a great experience at all.

Another bad experience with them is their staging sites are not reliable either. We had a very hard time reaching the staging site we set up on their service, and it was also VERY, VERY slow, practically useless.

If you have a small site, go ahead, it'll probably be fine for you. If you have critical data or huge websites to back up, stay away!

Prompt Recovery

By Stephen Peacock ([email protected]) on August 10, 2023

One of my client's sites had been hacked. Within an hour they had the site cleaned up and restored! Outstanding service.

Superb Support

By jeffw203 on July 28, 2023

Most backup and migration solutions will handle small run of the mill sites without issue. It's when a challenging situation arises that a solid team backing you up is important. I inherited a fairly large WooCommerce Memberships site the client self-hosted on an outdated Linux server with a poorly configured (and un-updated) MySQL server (allowing double-quotes rather than the preferred single quotes). Our goal was to migrate the server to a current and supported host using the latest MariaDB following best practices. I tried several popular backup solutions to migrate the site and they all choked at one point or another during restoration, including out of the box BlogVault.

Here's where a solid team and a committed developer makes all the difference. Other paid solutions flat out told me that the problem could not be solved. The team at BlogVault put in great effort to make this migration a success. I am very impressed with their level of commitment and unwavering support. I'm moving all my clients onto their products going forward. I can't say enough wonderful things about the company.

Challenging situations aside, on a day to day basis, BlogVault is very easy to use and its power and reliability is belied by a very simple user interface. Centralized management of offsite backups, staging, and migration are a great timesaver for any administrator, especially when you manage multiple sites. This is all done with minimal load on the server, unlike other products that have the potential to crash during the backup process or bring the server performance to its knees.

Add in BlogVault's sister products - Malcare and WP Remote, and you've got an easy, yet powerful and reliable centralized WordPress management solution.

Works perfectly and excellent support

By brinxity on July 27, 2023

After being slightly disappointed with a missing feature that I expected to be there, I wrote the support about it.
They immediately took action and the feature was implemented within a month.

Lives Us to Its Promises & Reputation

By AlDash on July 11, 2023

The first time I was impressed with BlogVault was when my flight had been called and I simultaneously received a message that one of our sites had been broken during a plugin upgrade. In less that ten minutes, it was restored.

The most recent time was when we had a tricky issue with one of our sites, and support patiently stuck with me until the issue was resolved.

It's worth every penny!

You guys are a joke, should be taken down!

By cwl26 on June 27, 2023

Your free turns into a lie, it is NOT FREE. Pretty shitty advertising on your part, pretty sad when you have to stoop this low!

Excellent support, truly world class :)

By Iphilgood on June 8, 2023

Our club website had an old & non-supportable theme that was not compatible with PHP 8.1. So I needed to backup the old site and creating a new staging site to test out new themes etc. I discovered Blogvault on a search, was impressed with what I read and so signed up.

That was the best decision I've made. They have been so helpful and have answered all my questions promptly, and have given me sound technical advice.

Simply the best, Thank you team Blogvault.

BlogVault - Just install it !!!

By madd0g63 on May 31, 2023

If you are looking for a great backup system, you can't do better than BlogVault. Simple for new users with all the functionality required for advanced IT support.
Do yourself a favour, just use BlogVault.

Excellent Support

By joelo246 on May 25, 2023

I completely broke my website, to the point where I couldn't even load it to restore the backup, and I just put a ticket through and the staff at Blogvault took all my credentials and repaired it for me. Huge thank you to them for going above and beyond to help us tech-incompetents!

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