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BBQ Firewall – Fast & Powerful Firewall Security

The fastest firewall plugin for WordPress.
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Install, activate, and done! Powerful protection from WP’s fastest firewall plugin.

Jeff Starr  
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Awesome and simple

By edesigninc on September 18, 2023



By scoun on September 16, 2023


Perfect Addon to Safety

By rotfa on September 5, 2023

Was a rookie when I started and found this plug in. WOW.... This is a must for anyone wanting extra security in keeping their site secure from the bad guys. Never had a glitch, Never had a conflict !! Thanks BBQ !!

Great plugin - very handy.

By defmans7 on August 7, 2023

After discovering this plugin, I use it all the time for smaller projects and sometimes for larger projects - doesn't seem to add too much overhead but gives great piece of mind.

Sense of Security

By mohobook on August 4, 2023

Been meaning to write a review for a long time, I have full confidence in this plugin as an integral part of security

Great lightweight security

By Chad Butler (cbutlerjr) on May 26, 2023

I have made a living as a WP developer for close to 20 years and have almost seen it all during that time. I manage a lot of sites for myself and for clients. This is one of the most useful plugins that I have come across in the security space.

I liked it so much, I sprung for the Pro version which adds a few extra features.

Certainly, you could get by with .htaccess rules (either yourself, or with what Jeff provides), but this makes it much easier to implement. I really have made use of the adding custom patterns feature, and the tracking of blocked attempts shows that this is very effective.

It's a simple plugin, really, which is what I like most. As a WP developer, I could have written my own, but for what Jeff charges for the Pro version, it makes more sense to just buy his.

For the clown who rated it 1 star - that guy didn't really have a clue what he was talking about, and appeared to be someone who thinks he knows what he's talking about but doesn't - that's the most dangerous kind of administrator. Seriously, this is exactly what a WAF is and is supposed to be, and it works great for what it is.

Yes, there are other means of intrusion, and this plugin doesn't address those - it's not a "end-all-be-all" which is what I like about it. Those plugins that try to do it all usually end up being complex, bloated, intrusive, and an all-around a pain to work with. Instead, Jeff has produced a plugin that does one thing and does it perfectly with clean code and very light overhead.

Great Plugin:) and light

By tinaponting (ponting) on April 13, 2023

I used this for all my blogs it is light, not takes power from speed, protects very well:)


By hleenWP on March 17, 2023

BBQ gives me peace of mind!
And so compact...

Thanks Jeff!

Must have for WordPress security

By Milos Spasic (Spale) on March 15, 2023

This is the plugin I install on every WordPress installation. It protects site from SQL injection attacks and doesn't have any settings. Just install and activate, wonderful!

Great plugin

By dulleca on May 26, 2022

There is a kind of collective misunderstanding regarding “security and protection” in the WordPress system, and the developer of this plugin understands the matter perfectly. This plugin, despite its apparent simplicity, is an important piece among other precautions that site administrators should take to protect their sites. Keep up the good work, Jeff!

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