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BJ Lazy Load

Lazy loading for images and iframes makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. Uses no external JS libraries and degrades gracefully for non-js …
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Lazy loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth.

Bjørn Johansen, Aron Tornberg, angrycreative  
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Still working

By dvazquez260376 on December 23, 2020

This plugins works great. For me is the best lazy load. Would be great to have a recent update.

Хороший, но старый

By xeon84 on April 20, 2020

Часто использую на сайтах клиентов. Работает всё четко, но есть опасения, что присутствуют дыры. Вердикт: если WP старый и новый плагин не работает - использовать этот!

Speed test is GRADE A with this plugin - Must Read!

By adambrown82 on April 17, 2020

Here is my speed test with GTmetrix. "With plugin" PageSpeed Score (94%) YSlow Score (86%) Fully Loaded Time 1.3s Total Page Size 881KB Requests 18 "Without plugin" PageSpeed Score (51%) YSlow Score (85%) Fully Loaded Time 3.5s Total Page Size 2.23MB Requests 38. My suggestion would be to set the threshold from 200 to 300 now my site is not only far faster but also loads correctly. I also use plugins like... Far Future Expiration Plugin Fast Velocity Minify Webcraftic Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin To get my speeds this high. The only thing I would suggest is an update from the developer so its inline with the latest WordPress. However, on my latest WordPress, my website still seems faultless with this outdated plugin.

A Good Plugin

By Eric Farmer (androidgamingfox) on November 23, 2019

I downloaded this plugin because I wanted my images to load better for my blog readers. It works great, and once setup, I can just let it do its thing.

Great plugin

By Lalit Nagrath (laliz) on July 31, 2019

Got my requests down from 130 to 44, great plugin, hope they keep this updated to latest version of wordpress

Conflicts with FooGallery

By redkite on March 7, 2019

BJ Lazy Load has a conflict with FooGallery and will not skip classes as it's supposed to. Replaced with A3 Lazy Load which works fine with FooGallery.

Хороший плагин

By sergeyua12 on March 4, 2019

Маленький, но удаленький плагин! Спасибо!

It works :)

By Radosław (cyberskill) on January 23, 2019

Google speed test showed suggestions to delay loading images. I installed this plugin and it worked for 99% of images on my site. Only 1 left on the home page but it's the fault of my template.

Funciona muy bien

By Jaime Rojas on January 18, 2019

El rendimiento de PageSpeed Insights mejora de 75 a 92. Seria una lastima si no lo sigue manteniendo. Gracias

No response to my ticket

By imagimedia on September 5, 2018

I've been waiting over 5 days to receive a simple response to a couple general questions. And I posted again a couple days ago to remind them, just in case my first post slipped through the cracks, but no response to that either.

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