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The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress
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The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress On average, 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Every 39 seconds, a new cyberattack happens somewhere on the web.

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Version 7 is a degraded mess

By mattando on October 4, 2022

The latest major version of the plugin (v7) is a total mess. The UI is clunky, there are dashboard errors, cards are laid out all over the place (no grid system whatsoever), and changing settings seems to have no effect. The feature set also appears to be heavily stripped back from version 6 - either that or the designer has managed to put the settings in totally illogical places. I reached out to iThemes support, but they wouldn't even acknowledge these issues - instead responding with a request that I pay for support, even though I had purchased a lifetime subscription to the plugin. I definitely won't be paying to tell them how terrible their plugin is! They can read that here. Even though I had some issues with version 6, the plugin seemed reasonably robust, and the logical structure of the plugin's UI made sense. In this version, however, the UI has no logical hierarchy. They've chucked a few ideas together in notepad and told the developers to get going. I wouldn't pay for this plugin again.

Not what I expected.

By juliojvl on September 29, 2022

I am having a hard time understanding why so many people use this security plugin. I personally don't find the big benefit on what it offers compared to other major security plugins. I might install it in the future but for the moment I am opting out.

Plugin now blocking search engines & New UI is poor

By fishsaidno on September 19, 2022

I'm not a fan of the new UI at all, the old one wasn't perfect but this is definitely a downgrade. After weeks of trying to diagnose intermittent SEO issues - it turned out to be iThemes! How can this happen? MS & Google literally have tools and IP ranges available to allow their bots to be verified... 1 star rating on account of the search engine crawlers getting blocked, that is unacceptable.

Bye Bye ithemes! Time to find alternative for sure.

By asinzen on August 30, 2022

The most significant player on the street has is now killed its audience and user base in a matter of months. They built up such a cult following and word of months but someone in the leadership said screw it let's start charging. What a bad decision in terms of business. Once you screw your audience its TKO (over). Best of luck to them and their future plans. "If you're successful, most of the things you've done were wrong...What ends up mattering is the stuff you get right."

impossible de configurer ithemes security

By Zakiz (zakizzid) on August 20, 2022

Un plugin vraiment intéressant à configuré. Je sais que iThemes Security ne mérite pas une étoile, mais cette extension a complètement refusé de fonctionner mon site. Je peux l'installer mais impossible à configuré. J'ai fais des captures d'écran pour vous envoyer, malheureusement je n'ai pas trouvé un moins d'envoyer les problèmes aux devs. Je suis frustré.

malo malo

By sa1vad0r on July 15, 2022

pues lo he probado, me ha roto el admin, lo he quitado por ftp, he restaurado la base de datos, el htaccess , caché de los navegadores y me da " Bad Gateway Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server" de aqui ni salgo, al menos la parte publica funciona todavia, no se como resolverlo

Hide Login URL can‘t normal use when mySite open SSL and Access https links

By miracleyo on June 25, 2022

As title,Hide Login URL options invalid,site common account still can access login or admin url when them by https link

The new UI is terrible - one of the best plugin, ruined

By Marco Panichi (marcopanichi) on June 7, 2022

I really liked this plugins and I installed it on dozen of websites. But the new UI (since 1-2 year I suppose) is the most chaoting one I've ever seen! Just few things are in the right place; I spent lots of time to find simple and crucial features like db backup. Plus the plugin wants to force you to follow its wizard, which I don't like and which I think is useless for most users.

The best security plugin

By alaid on May 12, 2022

Excellent security plugins, congratulations, the best of all

version 8 was so bad

By erden15 on April 29, 2022

The old version was very good. The current design is very bad. Also removed 404 detection. This was a very important feature for security. He could have turned this feature off anyway.

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