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Better Font Awesome

The Better Font Awesome plugin for WordPress. Shortcodes, HTML, TinyMCE, various Font Awesome versions, backwards compatibility, CDN speeds, and more.
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Mickey Kay  
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Search typing no working

By (luisserrano) on September 13, 2022

Cant type in search form from Better Font Awesome By Mickey Kay. Click in search bar to start typing is not working. Cant attach Youtube link so you can find the video searching there for: "Wordpress plugin Better Font Awesome By Mickey Kay"

Filter not working in WP v5.9

By puciriusanikola on February 8, 2022

The filter in TinyMCE editor for Better Font Awesome isn't working (unresponsive). Will this issue be resolved in any time soon?

Not compatible and SS/FAQ outdated

By vee (okvee) on January 13, 2022

1. It is not really compatible with font-awesome official plugin. I have this shortcode [icon name="fort-awesome" prefix="fab"] but not rendered correctly in this plugin. 2. There is only one version available while the screenshot showing version select box which make me understand that there are multiple versions to use. It is okay to use latest but just update screenshot please. 3. FAQ said there is checkbox Remove existing Font Awesome styles but there is not. The only remove I see is Attempt to remove Font Awesome CSS and shortcodes added by other plugins and themes which is very unclear that it will be mess up my post data or not. 4. They use only CDN, no local file option available. If I have to install a site in local network without internet access then this will be dead end. To be fair, this choice is not negative or positive but just my comment. 5. This plugin leave junk in my DB. The option name better-font-awesome_options still exists after uninstalled. The WordPress document is recommended to clean up the data on uninstall. Read more at Plugin Handbook / Plugin Basics / Uninstall Methods

Does not work - here is what does

By Kristian Yngve (kristianngve) on May 5, 2021

Something simple like [icon name="facebook-f"] And nope - sh*t plugin. Do NOT recommend it. Here is what worked for me despite older and less updated plugin - works better than this plugin: WP SVG Icons

Badder Font Awfull

By Reiner1957 on February 17, 2021

Nach dem Update fehlerhaft - seit über einer Woche nicht nachgebessert. Keine Reaktion. Miserabler Support! Buggy after update - not fixed for more than one week now. No reaction. Very bad support!

Big Problem + Bad Support ... Upgrade: Fine

By merlin1764 on March 6, 2021

Sad about this :-( After the new release (2.x) all seems to work fine.

This Plugin is a NON-WORKING Hot Mess

By marcfuller (MarcFuller) on February 7, 2021

I hate to say it, this used to be a great plugin for Font Awesome, but not anymore. AVOID IT! WordPress 5.6x killed it and the author shows no interest in fixing it. The plugin's current version does not work. None of the betas work.

Many bugs because use old jQuery library

By Denis66 on December 23, 2020

Hello, BE CAREFULL: Many bugs with Wordpress 5.6 !! Good when it works but causes problems because its code is not up to date !!! According to the jQuery Migrate plugin, Better Font Awesome, a plugin which allows to display icons causes problems because it uses the old jQuery library that the latest version of Wordpress no longer uses. I have used many such icons and therefore many pages or articles are affected. For example, the WP Flatsome theme that uses this plugin is affected... It seems that these dysfunctions were not anticipated by theme editors like Flatsoome and plugin editor as Better Font Awesome plugin editor. By the way, it must not be the only theme having problems. Indeed, there is a big update of the jQuery script library which can affect the themes but also the plugins ! After implementing a temporary fix with Patch 5.5.1, WordPress resumes its updater for jQuery, the JavaScript library that makes it easy to write scripts in HTML code. The delivery of WordPress 5.6 is indeed the opportunity for the CMS to launch the 2nd stage of its 3-phase program, as announced last June 2020. The goal: to consolidate and keep up to date the most recent versions of jQuery in order to ensure the sustainability of the scripts. But can cause big operational problems with themes and plugins. This is also the case for publishing with Better Font Awesome plugin…

Great Plugin!

By davywavy on October 18, 2020

Works as advertised

Good job

By alexio on March 11, 2021

Developer is busy but working on the plugin as much as he has time. Very appreciated.

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