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Simple automated backups of your WordPress-powered website.
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BackupWordPress was created by our friends at Human Made but is now under new ownership. We’re committed to opensource and WordPress and will provide free support for the many BackupWordPress fans. We’ll make occasional updates to the free software – please send us any patches you’d like to see released here: https://github.com/orgs/xibodevelopment/

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It's been a while since first install. No problems at all. Feel unsafe without

By arendon1 on August 29, 2023

This plugin is development from the heart. Well executed, no friction at all when needed.

Used since 10 years !

By pjmarquet on August 25, 2023

Je l'utilise depuis 10 ans. Backup au format sql standard. Permet de restaurer via PhpMyAdmin ou mysql !


By KEVIN DINEEN (kdineen) on June 25, 2023

Been working for several years and saved my butt many times. Thank you!

Simple y efectivo

By maquinblu on May 30, 2023

Se trata de un plugin de copias de seguridad muy fácil de usar e intuitivo, pero a su vez eficaz.

Amazing plugin

By certainlyakey on February 25, 2023

A good plugin, does the job with no BS.

Great plugin

By ysha on February 7, 2023


One single zip for everything

By jofer on December 6, 2022

It's This! All the wordpress files plus the database in a single zip file. Simple and effective. Thank you for this wonderful plugin.

My go-to backup plugin for years

By webbicknl on September 20, 2022

Thanks devs!

Simple and does the job!

By balsamwoods on September 10, 2022

Love the simplicity of the app and that it does what it says it does.

A recommander

By kdfp40 on August 23, 2022

Fonctionne parfaitement et simplement ! Ya pas mieux

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