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JetBackup – WP Backup, Migrate & Restore

JetBackup is the best backup choice for WordPress. Backup, restore, clone, duplicate or migrate your website with few clicks.
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JetBackup is a comprehensive backup and migration solution for WordPress. It allows you to easily backup, restore, and migrate your WordPress website or blog, including files and databases. It offers both free and premium features, such as unlimited backups, scheduled backups, cloud storage integration, and email notifications. You can find more information and access the documentation on their website.


Easy Backup and Migration

Backup, restore, and migrate your WordPress website effortlessly with JetBackup.

Unlimited Backup and Restore

Create unlimited backups, restore them anytime, and download backups for migration.

Premium Features for Advanced Backup

Enjoy website migration, scheduled backups, cloud uploads, and more with JetBackup's premium versions.

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Do not report costs at the beginning

By caykhe36 on August 5, 2023

Do not report costs at the beginning

говно. does not work after update

By freemus on April 27, 2023

после обновления перестал работать

Great product

By elialum on February 26, 2023

Very easy to use, great support!

Great plugin

By Massimo Surdo (massimosurdo) on January 27, 2023

Good job

didnt really work

By hmmcrunchy on January 5, 2023

Needed to backup my site and reinstall, backed up ok it seemed, downloaded backup which was some weird sgpb format which i couldn't open rather than a simple zip file ??

Tried to restore but if it finds a different domain ( i put in https not www) or the data base has a wrong prefix as id reinstalled WordPress due to an error it now wont restore as it considers it a migration and asks for money

All in all a waste of my time and loss of my site unless i want to give them money... dont rely on this at all unless you are buying the premium version

Mediocre Plugin no innovation

By cromata on December 3, 2022

This plugin is very unstable, I hasn't received any new features in years, it only received worthless improvements and bug fixes. It's like the plugin is abandoned, you can get better features with free plugins like updraft plus.

Great Plugin - Fantastic Support

By iceninexp on November 13, 2022

The backup options alone are a fantastic feature, but the ability to migrate sites from on domain to another trivializes migrating a site from staging to production or from one host to another. support is top top quality and they are wonderfully responsive and will keep you up to date as fixes or workarounds are put in place in case you happen to encounter an issue.

Good but does not backup everything

By iamasadtaj on November 9, 2022

When restore, it does not replace a lot of files.

Highly Positive Experience with 'BackupGuard Team (Ref. Mr. jay)'

By stayhealthytill70 on November 8, 2022

I have no words to express my gratitude. My search (for life) has ended for 'Backup and restore Option, with a beautiful (and highly economical) Plugin 'BackupGuard'. Thanks a ton again for the beautiful job done and I am seriously looking forward for 'Affiliate Option! (Reply awaited if they indeed have affiliate partnership or not!) God Bless The Company & The Team.

Love the plugin... Stellar service

By rhemamktg on October 5, 2022

Recently, I experienced a malware attack on one of my hosting accounts. Needless to say, the experience was horrific. Literally, 20 sites were impacted. Fortunately, I've been using the Backup Guard Pro plugin for years on the majority of the websites I manage. I was able to move the sites to a new hosting platform and upload clean backups of all the sites. This saved me a load of time. Whenever I've had an issue, Jay and the team at Backup Guard have always been responsive and have walked me through how to get things working properly. Kudos to those guys. It's great to know that there are still software company's/developers who support their product.

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