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The SEO Framework – Fast, Automated, Effortless.

The fastest feature-complete SEO plugin for professional WordPress websites. Secure, fast, automated, and ethical SEO. Do less; get better results.
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The fastest and only feature-complete SEO plugin that follows the guidelines and rules imposed by WordPress and search engines.

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By gabrielschropp on September 29, 2023

The SEO Framework has been in use on my sites for many years. I am still very convinced of the plugin's performance. Recommendation!

Fantastic Plugin

By mysticmedusa on August 11, 2023

This is a wonderful plugin especially if, like me, you're the 'creative' who doesn't want to spend undue time fussing with settings or being goaded to alter your content to appease a despotic algorithm. Most wonderfully, it's minimalist - no bloat, intuitive set-up, well-built with no gimmicks and you can add-on via extensions if you need to.

I've been online since last century (!) and have experienced nearly all of the other offerings in this space - SEO Framework is the best and the support is next level.

Works very well

By craigmcginty on July 29, 2023

Installed easily, I did some minor tweaks and worked smoothly on my site ever since.

When I run site speed tests the SEO reading always shows 100 which I put down to this plug-in.

Simple and good!

By trungtuans on July 20, 2023

This plugin is really lightweight, easy to use, and pretty straightforward. Show no ads too. Love it!

Everything clear and straight forward

By Aldoseri on July 16, 2023

This SEO plugin is what you need. everything is organized logically and designed to save your time while providing the expected functionality.

I tried Rank math which a good SEO plugin but i felt like I'm working for Google for free. My friend, money comes when you go meet people face to face not by spending half your life attending to Google's algorithm.

The SEO framework team understood this well so they provided what counts at the right dosage I believe.

The only SEO plugin you need

By Jody (jodyhugh) on June 30, 2023

I've migrated 98% of my sites over to this.

With the SEO Framework, everything is very intuitive. It doesn't clog up your dashboard trying to do stuff you don't need.

I really love the simplicity of the sitemap with this plugin. Most of the other SEO plugin sitemaps are overly complicated.

I also personally like that some features are "extensions." This keeps the main plugin light and you only add what you need.


The SEO Framework is a straightforward, non-obtrusive and sympathetic plugin

By pmmueller on June 21, 2023

I have tried several SEO-plugins on various sites, but during the last year or so I settled for »The SEO Framework« as a straightforward, sympathetic plugin that does everything I need.

Yoast and RankMath were too big for my liking, so until a few years ago I used AIOSEO. However, since it's acquisition in 2020 that plugin has become way too annoying in the backend, popping up on just about every admin page, shouting at me to buy the Pro-Version. No way, Jose.

To be clear: I use a SEO plugin for basic things like setting a good title, offering Google a meta description, setting the visibility of a document and defining its appearance when shared in social media.

With TSF I can do all that. For easy access some options are available in the QuickEdit for a post or a page. All options are shown in the block editor in a section underneath the content. Also I really like the overview of colored boxes showing me the current SEO-state of the document.

For me that is sufficient. I do not want to spend my time optimizing content in posts and pages for focus keywords to get a green light or a high score according to an algorithm defined by the plugin.

And if I would want to optimize content for an important site that way I would by now probably try the Extensions offered by The SEO Framework as I really *like* the free version.

Straight forward and fast, bloat free

By Bianca (bianca205) on June 20, 2023

I really like the SEO Framework. It's straight forward in what it does and has a clean interface that perfectly blends in with the WP dashboard. Also, because it's lightweight, it' doesn't slow down my website. The overall user experience is great.

Automatic Updated Changed How Description Works To Show Random Junk Text, Awful.

By Amrita (amritab) on June 15, 2023

When the plugin automatically updated at some point, it changed the meta description of my homepage to show a random snippet of text from the page instead of the site tagline which it had been before, and Google indexed the junk description which now shows under my link in the results. Also, the plugin caused my hidden admin URL to be indexed as an RSS feed which Google flagged as an error when trying to crawl it. Neither are acceptable, but changing the meta description source without the site owner knowing disqualifies this an an SEO plugin as that is one of the most critical parts of SEO.

As I type this I realized I had installed this plugin on my client's Wordpress sites also, and bringing them up in Google now shows randomized descriptions, I would give the plugin negative one star now after realizing this.

Best SEO plugin

By Gerard Blanco (sixaxis) on May 5, 2023

Forget about certain SEO plugin that begins with the letter 'Y'. And any other SEO plugin. This one is the best. Just what you need, 0 bloat.

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