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Astra Bulk Edit

An easy-to-use plugin for the Astra theme that lets you edit Page Meta Settings for multiple pages/posts at once.
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The Astra Bulk Edit plugin is useful for editing Astra Meta settings on a number of pages/posts at once.

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So. good.

By strive4impact on March 23, 2021

Very appreciative that you built this. Saved me the time of going through 600 posts and disabling featured image from showing in the post template. Thank you very much! Any way to set the featured image across multiple posts without going into each individually? We want to use the same image for 100+ posts and would be nice to be able to do that in bulk as well.

only works for posts

By jamiefehr on September 14, 2020

I can't get this working for pages or custom post types, which is most of my site...

I thank you for this wonderful plugin

By Won'tsharehere (benosika) on August 17, 2018

Instead going on each webpage I created with Elementor, and changing the template to Elementor-full-width, I used a bulk operation sufficed by this plugin. It was a bit unintuitive to me to find where to do the change from the documentation so I've written about that at the projects page in GitHub and got a reply in about just ten minutes from our beloved Sunjay who told me that the documentation text will be reviewed and there will be a try to change it and also suggested me to see that video I missed, where I got a satisfying explanation (you might want to emphasize that only Edit and not WordPress Bulk actions should be chosen before selecting all webpages one wants to change because I confused the two without knowing it's actually matters. After watching the video I used the module and my problem of duplicated H1 tags was solved, so I can only say great plugin, amazing support and the relevant problem solved. Ben,

Yet another time saver by the BF-team

By Verdi Heinz (Ver3) on March 10, 2018

Thank you for this one (too). When I was switching from another theme to Astra an a very large site, this plugin really saved me a lot of time. Together with 'Customizer Search' I saved nearly a full day of work. So cheers BF-team!

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