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Activity Log

The #1 Activity Log plugin helps you monitor & log all changes and activities on your WordPress site, so you can run more securely and organized.
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Simple and Powerful Plugin

By stapolin on May 14, 2023

I have installed this plugin on all my clients websites which helps me keep track of who did what making troubleshooting any issues quick and simple when something goes wrong.

I could have created a similar plugin myself, but what's the point when the authors of Activity Log have already done such a great job? So, instead, I coded a script to send the info from this plugin to a central database where I can keep an eye on all client sites in one place, which is definitely easier than checking each one individually.

The only thing that is kind of annoying about this plugin is the Elementor ad a the top of the admin back-end. I am a big fan of Elementor for certain types of sites and use it on many sites, but I don't need or want my clients to see these ads because it looks very unprofessional.

I certainly don't mind having ads there if they support the authors in keeping plugins updated, but it can be quite annoying when they are, as the phrase goes, "in your face".

Instantly showing ads and top level nav

By Clicknathan (clicknathan) on November 8, 2022

WP Plugin guidelines state that plugins should not create a top level navigation element in /wp-admin if it's not necessary. That and the ad for Elementor made for an instant uninstall for me.

Easy to use

By Brendan (kudoscolour) on July 8, 2022

A really simple activity log, easy to use. The UI is intuitive and search feature is nice. There aren't a lot of options or feature but it does what I need it to, and it's free.

Excellent plugin to keep an eye on your site.

By skylight (skylight9345) on June 21, 2022

This is one of simple, easy to use plugin and, never broke or had any issue despite being free. This plugin really helps to find out the unauthorized and malicious activity with ease. I really appreciate the good work. Thank you so much.

Simple & Lightweight

By ddeleeuw on November 30, 2021

Love it! Have it installed on about ~300 sites, no issues except one site that was getting slammed with spam login attempts and the log grew to big to quick but ultimately this plugin helped identify the need to restrict the login url.

Does what it says it does

By dmland on November 2, 2021

An earlier review reported failure to activate and impossible to delete: I suspect that those issues were caused by an out-of-date WordPress and PHP installation. I upgraded and the plug-in does what it says it does.

Great plugin for log in and log out information

By Artneo (artneo) on August 31, 2021

It saved one of my client's project requests. Simple, intuitive and it even exports information as CSV! Thank you developers! 🙂

Very good and no issue

By squaladesign on December 14, 2020

Very good plug-in never had any issue, I installed in 5 websites so far and no problem.

Very helpful

By rodolforizzo76 on November 2, 2020

I want to thank the developer for this plugin which I find very useful and well done. thanks for the work.

Too Many Errors

By goviral on September 1, 2020

Plugin brought up a lot of logs that just weren't correct. It said different things had been tampered with but that hadn't happened. Just got people worried. Not sure why, support never answered question.

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