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Titan Anti-spam & Security

Anti-spam, Site Security Check & Malware Scanner.
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Titan includes anti-spam, firewall, malware scanner, site accessibility checking, security and threats audits for WordPress websites. Our security functions provide Titan with the latest firewall rules, malware signatures, and database of malicious IP addresses – all you need to ensure the security of your website.

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Unfortunately did not work for me

By siobhanemma93 on May 9, 2023

I hate to leave negative comments but hopefully, the creators of this one can find their flaws and correct them. This plugin has been silently living on my blog for years. I forgot it was even there. I'm no web developer or anything so I neglected to test the comments feature occasionally and simply thought I was just an unknown blog. Today I found that my link was shared on a forum and comments were left on there saying they tried commenting in 2019 but their comment never posted. So, I tested it today and sure enough, it didn't work.

I've gone through my plugins and it never started working until I deleted Titan. I will now go and find an alternative security method for my website.

Funciona muy bien

By Jordi Mont on August 30, 2022

Estamos contentos con este plugin gratuito y que nos evita los mensajes de spam en nuestro pequeño blog. Gracias!

Still works invisibly

By cbaile19 on August 10, 2021

I was annoyed when the little Anti-spam plugin became a giant security behemoth. But on an uncomplicated site, the anti-spam function still works invisibly, and I don’t notice change in the way it works or the speed of the site. For my purpose, which is purely filtering spam, the free version continues to work flawlessly; I ignore the rest of the functions. If it does what I want and causes no trouble, it deserves five stars—even though I grumbled at the apparent bloat.

Chill out everyone

By alexanderlabrie on February 24, 2021

Titan scanned every line of code of every file which to my knwoledge isn't something that Wordfence or Sucuri does. And Titan did it for free. How entitled do you have to be to complain about a plugin adding useful features better than its competitors'? No, I'm not affiliated with Titan in any way. But I do run a business that has done just that: add new products. Unbelievable how closed-minded and resistant to change people can be. @Titan: Ignore the haters and keep up the good work. Please manually remove known false positives from your scans e.g. eVal from Wordfence files which I also have installed.

WordPress dashboard crashed after today's update

By mannuforall on January 12, 2021

My Wp dashboard crashed after today's update. Unable to open until I disabled it using Filezilla.


By Lindsay Heydon on December 15, 2020

I only wanted a lightweight anti-spam plugin, it was my go to plugin and did a great job. What I have now, and not my informed choice as the plugin was updated, is a bloated mess. I host many WordPress sites and will be uninstalling from them all.

Awful now. Feel tricked.

By conradish on June 16, 2020

So, this used to be my goto anti spam plugin. IT IS NO LONGER THE SAME PLUGIN latest update has replaced what was a good plugin with something very different. This actually represents a huge problem that Wordpress will need to address. What if you use a small plugin that does one very useful task. Something very simple even. Someone can "buy" that plugin from the original creator and replace it with whatever they like during an update. In this case a lightweight well behaved anti spam plugin is now a huge bloated security suite that shouts at you in admin. I would never have considered installing this, but it crept in the back door. This new untested plugin, will then show larger numbers of users (which previously was one of the metrics I used for judging a plugins usefulness, but will be very cautious of going forward) and ride on the back of it's predecessor. This is what has happened here.

Install Fails - Blocks WordPress

By OldJim3 on June 9, 2020

Plug-In added by WordPress without authorization. Installation failed and am now unable to delete application.

Another Great Plugin Ruined!

By Godwin N. Chibuike (gibsonjoe) on June 8, 2020

So, they took our Lovely antispam plugin and turned it into another bloated, worthless plugin. All it does is advertise and use up server space. Uninstalled it on all my sites.

Can't uninstall from dashboard, require send data to 3rd party

By Umbrovskis.com (rolandinsh) on June 2, 2020

Can't uninstall from the dashboard, requires sending data to 3rd party for the survey. Good that I have wp-cli or You can use FTP to uninstall. NOT WORTH anymore.

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