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WP Offload Media Lite for Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage

Copies files to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage as they are uploaded to the Media Library. Optionally configure Amazon CloudFro …
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Gives me faster site with less load on my hosting server

By PatrickMorris on August 31, 2023

Been using Offload Media for years, and ran into a problem installing on a new site. Support found my issue quickly and the site works well. I like this plugin because it is completely transparent, makes my pages load faster, and takes all my largest files off my hosting server.

Worst priced Pro plugin, $1200/year?!

By authentico on August 25, 2023

For some reason, the Pro version counts how many photos you have in your WordPress (strange, considering this is not an API Service), and you pay based on tiers.

To have unlimited images in your WordPress, you need to pay $1,200/year.

The explanation by the developer as to why this is the case is not any bit reassuring:

Why a count of offloaded media?∞

Strange, right? Most WordPress plugins are limited to a certain number of sites, so why is this one using the number of offloaded media items? It turns out to be more fair…

Let’s say you have 3 small WordPress sites. The Bronze license would probably serve you well. While a big site like TechCrunch would need a much bigger license. That’s fair.

Now lets imagine licenses were limited by number of sites instead (like most other WordPress plugins): Bronze 1 site, Silver 2 sites, Gold 5 sites, etc. TechCrunch would only need a Bronze license while you would need Gold. Boo-urns.

So for the smallest Pro package, you're expected to pay $70/year to manage 2,000 photos LOL.

I can get a developer on Fiverr to build me this functionality using ChatGPT in a day or two, and have unlimited with no renewal fee.

Breaks my site

By janca on July 23, 2023

My site became unresponsive shortly after activating this plugin. Reboot, disable plugin, delete plugin

Do not use it, it is a trap for pro version

By euwo on January 26, 2023

If you are using the lite version, then there is a high probability that the links to your images will break when you turn off the plugin. The only option then would be to purchase the Pro version in order to get your images and the correct links back. It's a trap, I would never use it again.

Works Great But Needs To List php Requirements

By kloddant on January 9, 2023

This plugin is excellent, but I always forget that it has several undocumented dependencies if you are installing it on a fresh EC2 instance. If you install it on Ubuntu, you need to run these commands:

apt install php-xml

apt install php-curl

If you are on CentOS or something, probably just substitute yum for apt. And you may need to specify your php version number.

Also, when creating your IAM policy, you need to restrict your bucket ARN to 2 resources, not just one. One of the resources is the bucket name itself, and the other is the bucket name/*

pro pro pro

By Sirmadsen (Nesdam1981) on December 30, 2022

Ofc only the pro version have support for moving already uploaded files. Skipping this one due to shady monetization tactics.

Buggy code and insufficient QA

By dkk2013 on October 24, 2022

The plugin is Not ready for prim-time IMHO. The install complains of gd and imagick even after they are installed and available (confirmed via phpinfo() check). The plugin setup screen has too much "up sell" push...

No guarda las imágenes del servidor local de EC2

By enriquecastro on September 17, 2022

A pesar de seguir los pasos, no guarda las imágenes o archivos multimedia de EC2 en el Bucket S3 automáticamente como indica el tutoríal. Y las claves de seguridad para que sean ocultas tienes que crear un rol en IAM. Demasiado esfuerzo para tan poco provecho. No lo recomiendo.

Limitations – even on the pro!

By dwdonline on August 21, 2022

There is no reason for the plugin author to be controlling your images. The purpose of this plugin is to offload the images to an image server such as Amazon S3 or Digital Ocean. So, why would they monitor how many images you upload – that should be between you, your host, and your image hosting. I figured maybe the pro version would have something better – but even the pro version has limitations! Even the most expensive. This plugin just isn't for anyone that wants complete control over their images.

Extremely happy

By Murph (digitalmurph) on July 21, 2022

I'm so impressed with this plugin. I was feling daunted about trying to offload images to AWS for the first time, but this worked beautifully for me. The documentation is superb and made the whole process very straightforward. And the email support when I had a couple of questions was very helpful and quick to respond. Highly recommended.

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