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All-In-One Security (AIOS) – Security and Firewall

Protect your website investment with All-In-One Security (AIOS) – a comprehensive and easy to use security plugin designed especially for WordPress.
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Plugin Information

THE TOP RATED WORDPRESS SECURITY AND FIREWALL PLUGIN All-in-One Security (AIOS) is a security plugin designed especially for WordPress, now brought to you from the team at UpdraftPlus. Customers love All-In-One Security because it’s easy to use, and it does a whole lot for free.

All In One WP Security & Firewall Team  
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By shadane on May 31, 2023

Without a doubt the greatest way to secure a site


By admgabriel on May 22, 2023

O melhor plugin!

Top class plugin

By Kamel Azmy on May 22, 2023

Simple to use, covers practically all security areas of the site

Estupendo Plugin

By domingofh31 on May 21, 2023

Un excelente plugin para regular y configurar la seguridad de nuestros sitios.

The best plugin for Wordpress website security

By dugl7sp on May 19, 2023

The best plugin for Wordpress website security. All recommendations.

an AIO Solution that is free and working 100%

By wkassem on May 16, 2023

Just bring back the scanner

Sadly, completely unusable

By z2zoop on May 16, 2023

Tried this plugin because WordFence is getting too bloated and too limited in planning scans (I now have hundreds of websites on several servers who will always start their scans at roughly the same time, causing major performance problems), their free versions options dont work (like, literally, disabling scheduled scans doesnt change anything) and buying it (while having no guarantee the pro version is any better) would costs me thousands. So, lets try AIOS! Paid options look much more reasonable. We also use UpdraftPlus a lot, same company, should be good, right? (even tho the UI of updraft is horribly outdated, its a fairly solid plugin).

Pleasantly surprised at first, lots of options and ways to make WP more secure and a nice smooth process to follow to set all that up, so far so good.

Using AOIS Cloudflare Turnstile integration to protect the login, which sadly works very poorly. Need to wave the mousecursor around on the screen for several seconds otherwise it'll think you are a bot and tell you your password is incorrect when trying to log in (even though its correct). So, unuseable sadly, so disabled that.

A few days later, the client complained couldn't get into the admin. I couldn't either, no one could, no matter from what location or IP. The admin entirely locked up. Renaming the plugin allowed me to get back in, so its definitely AIOS fault. Re-enabling it, and it immediately locks everyone out again. So we're stuck at this position. I don't have the time or patience to go look whats wrong with it (probably solveable by deleting the database entries for it). This is my first experience with the plugin, and its a mess.
(Besides the fact that the plugin recommends you to perform all sorts of vague security-through-obscurity methods, which is all horrible advice to give, especially to base scores on)

No longer excited, I'll be looking for other plugins.

Unindexed website from Google and destroyed all my SEO

By elpysum on May 19, 2023

EDIT : half of it it was my fault - I started panicking since I didn't get where the problem came from - when I erased the plugin the website still had a hard time to be back, so I thought I may change a permalink (BAD IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) --- after some time I put back the old permalink and things seems to be back easy by easy --- I had this plugin on two of my website (I have 7 websites), and those two had the SEO impacted directly (no more indexation by Google, and so on) --- once I erased the plugin (not only desactivate, but erase completely), both websites are now back and everything seems "ok". The website where I didn't change the principal permalink came back faster on Google indexation. The other one it was half my fault because of the permalink changing, but now it has its indexation back on Google.

From where the problem started : last update of AIOS plugin

How the problem was maintained on one of my websites : I changed the permalink thinging it could solve and accelerate the indexation : BAD IDEA, DON'T DO THAT !

How I solved the problem : desactivate and erase AIOS plugin on my 2 websites

Thank you the AIOS team for responding to me, but I'm still a little bit mad and dissapointed of this security plugin and the last update, so I'm not going to install it anymore.

"Because of the last update, my website was out of Google ... I had lost all my traffic and now is close to ZERO ! For almost 2 weeks I had no more clients, I depend only on Google for my clients and now it's all gone. So thank you :) I unistalled the plugin and the website is back, but with a lot of problems. Maybe it's good for security, but now it's useless because no one enters anymore on my website haha, so maybe it's way too good for security :)))) So good that no one enters anymore ! :D Now I have to rebuild back my SEO and all the stuffs I was working on the last year :). So thank you for making me losing all my clients, my money and my time :)"

Have a nice day !

Update locked me out of my website

By picktwomedia on May 10, 2023

Only been using for a short time and Update Version: 5.1.8 locked me out of my website.
Had deactivate it via sFTP to get back into wp admin.
Was working well until that. Now I'm nervous to use it and very unsure about upgrading to a 10 site paid account.

Bad security WP-admin

By pinkfloyd666 on May 10, 2023

If the user is on the blog and not logged in, the system shows them a hidden link to the admin panel, even though this should be kept secret.


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when hovering over the "Login" link, the user sees a hidden link

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