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All In One Favicon

Easily add a Favicon to your site and the WordPress admin pages. Complete with upload functionality. Supports all three Favicon types (ico,png,gif).
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Arne Franken  
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Won't upload any files

By webstpro on October 1, 2023

On my localhost using WAMP this plugin will not upload any file so it is useless.

It does exactly what it says

By danielepais on September 29, 2023

Fast and furious. Installed added the link the icon.....bingo! All done!

Silly UI Design.

By azrinsani on December 26, 2022

Can't you simply add the size of the files that we need to submit to upload?


By (wwwcjb) on July 24, 2018

Only tool that worked to show my favicon in the wp-admin backend and generally on the Chrome Browser. Great work!

Nice Simple & Fast

By woody1969 on October 1, 2017

Nice simple and fast to use with options for different files. Very good and easy

Didn't work, error does not stay on page

By WebDeb (SillyMoney) on June 20, 2017

Was hoping to find a solution since the "site identity" control is hidden in wp customizer with Elegant Nimble theme. A red error box flashes at the top of the page upon saving - can't read the error as it disapears. In the end it did not work out for us.

Displays advertisement

By samhocevar on December 19, 2016

Displays an advertisement banner in the settings pane. Very unprofessional and not a feature I want.

Very helpful

By real68er on September 12, 2016

No updates for three years but still making my life easier. Favicon for all devices managed on a dashboard with very good usability.

Works great, don't need any additional knowledge

By Rodrigo0 on February 8, 2017

I put All in One Favicon in my site and it just works great. I thought I would need some special knowledge to insert the Favicon but it was super easy.
It works perfectly with my bilingual blog. Both languages have the same favicon without issues.
Here are examples of the same pages in two different languages:
http://foradazonadeconforto.com/como-escolher-e-comprar-seguro-de-viagem/ (Brazilian Portuguese)
http://outofyourcomfortzone.net/how-to-buy-travel-insurance/ (English)

Just a great Plugin.


By Matthew (kidsguide) on February 7, 2017

It deleted all my pictures off of my website, and it still didn't display the favicon.

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