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Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is a free WordPress plugin trusted by 150,000+ event creators worldwide. Easily create, manage and share events.
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The Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is a free plugin that allows you to easily create, manage, and share events on your WordPress website. It has a beautiful design and a powerful set of features, and is trusted by major organizations around the world. Upgrade to a premium plan for additional features like RSVP and ticketing.

Time.ly Network Inc.  

Advanced WordPress Calendar

Beautiful design, powerful features.

Loved by Event Creators

Trusted by 150,000+ event creators worldwide.

Free and Customizable

Fully customizable, easy to use, and mobile responsive.

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Avoid the v3.0.1 Update

By Steve (SMeyerSr) on September 19, 2023

Downloaded and installed the recent v3.0.1 update. Now the Upcoming Events widget displays poorly formatted garbage, the Calendar Page displays poorly formatted garbage and the Event page displays poorly formatted garbage. It is unusable as a plugin and makes the website look like crap.

Have emailed Time.ly several times seeking assistance or at least the ability to download and revert back to a previous working version but have yet to hear back. Crickets. Assume they are overwhelmed by this broken update?!?!

Did they even test it before pushing it out?!?!

Very disappointing

By figure2 on September 15, 2023

I have used the Timely Events calendar for a long time. Up until now I would have recommended it. I learned recently that I had been using a discontinued version of the plugin when the sidebar agenda and the event posts themselves lost their formatting. I was advised to upgrade to the newest plugin, so I did.

This is the reason for my one-star review.

  • The event posts, even though they are being created within Wordpress have no access to the media library, shortcodes or other WP resources.
  • Once a post is created, it is difficult to get a URL and once you do, the location of the post is outside of your website.
    • This is especially upsetting considering that the shortened URLs of our events I created on Bitly and TinyURL no longer worked.

I do see that many people are happy with the website, but this new version of the plugin has caused me a lot of pain and even more work.

Very Disappointed

By wt5x on August 5, 2023

I am very disappointed in the "new and improved" version. I used to be a fan. They have now made it almost impossible to use. I was unable to even log in. I will be uninstalling Time.ly calendars from all my sites.

why does it constantly use bandwidth?

By joecreative007 on June 15, 2023

One star review because a client installed this, didn't use it but left it active, and since the date of installation it used every bit of bandwidth available on the server. Below is one of the many thousands of entries in the error.log

[08-May-2023 00:18:36 UTC] All-in-One Event Calendar: Trying to access array offset on value of type int @ /home2/mornings/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/iCal/iCalcreator-2.26.9/src/IcalXML.php:718 #2

Upgrade Removed Free Features

By captnspdr on June 7, 2023

We are a low-budget website for Boy Scout units that have used this plugin for over a decade. We used to sync the calendar feed from a URL that was a calendar in our advancement system to give visitors public access to our calendar, but that is now locked behind a $25/month fee that only includes about 200 events at time, meaning we can't even put our full program calendar in for the year and have it display all at once.

Installed, but could not login

By Das Capitolin on May 17, 2023

This plugin installed just fine, but once installed it prompted for login. I used an account created and verified, but pressing the 'login' button after entering email and password did nothing at all. Ultimately, I had to disable and uninstall. Additionally, it seems this plugin does not import CSV or ICS FILES, only streams.

Repeat event yearly

By Antonio ([email protected]) on February 2, 2023


is there a way to repeat an event yearly using plugin's free version?
Thank you

No login within WP

By lieber7 on November 25, 2022

Attempts to login within WP console had zero result. Tried several times and full window refresh with no change. No login = absolutely useless!!!

Very good tool BUT...

By sebirockt on September 9, 2022

I love this tool and I use it with 4 pages. Theres only one big problem. It opens a door for spam comments in importet events. I have deactiveted comments global but in event pages built by the plugin wich are imported from a google calendar the comments are always activated. Spammers use this door for thousands of spam comments :( Please close this door.

Took money and ran

By jskow0918 on July 6, 2022

We paid for the premium add-on to get the posterboard view. Now our account isn't seeing it - it won't activate. I tried reaching out to support, but nobody is answering. Plus, you can't reach out to support unless you pay, and our account is messed up saying we didn't pay, so we can't reach out to support through the site. I had to try responding to an old email, which I got no response to at all. Totally awful.

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