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AI Engine: ChatGPT Chatbot, Content Generator, GPT 3 & 4, Ultra-Customizable

GPT for WordPress! Chatbot (ChatGPT), content and images generator, copilot, model training and much more! Highly customizable, sleek UI.
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Create your own chatbot like ChatGPT, generate content or images, coordinate AI-related work using templates, enjoy swift title and excerpt recommendations, play with AI Copilot in the editor for faster work, track OpenAI usage, and more! The AI Playground offers a range of AI tools, including translation, correction, SEO, suggestions, WooCommerce product fields, and others. There is also an internal API so other plugins can tap into its capabilities. We’ll be adding even more AI tools and features to the AI Engine based on your feedback.

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By mreganjr on September 28, 2023

Ai Engine has been a game changer for business creativity and productivity.

Really, really cool

By stephensooter on September 28, 2023

Using this on a private site and now suggested it to my company. We will substitute all our FAQs and searches with this plug in

Grateful to God and the creator of AI Engine, the best plugin I know siuu

By heidergonzalez21 on September 28, 2023

I thought it would be somewhat difficult to use at first but its interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I feel like a pro having a chatbot on my website. My chatbot can be configured however I want and I impressed everyone with my chatbot. It seems difficult when I already Everything is done but doing it is completely easy and intuitive. The option to customize all the colors and icons as I want the chatbot to be is wonderful. It is very complete. I am very satisfied with AI Engine.


By josuefs on September 26, 2023

Passei para deixar meu muito obrigado pelo excelente trabalho! Plugin excelente.

This is an Awesome Plugin!

By hlw777 on September 25, 2023

I was looking for a free plugin like this, tested about 10, but none of them come even close to this plugin. Great work Jordy, and thanks for making so many premium features available for free :-)

Très bon plugin

By arkdsoadmin on September 25, 2023

On espère encore de nombreuses évolutions comme la possibilité d'utiliser une base de donnée avec des Url et des Pdf pour affiner et personnaliser les réponses du chatbot.


By dabeachbum on September 24, 2023

It's shocking what this can do and I'm still on the free version of the plugin and I've only spent $5 in AI credits. If I create a lengthy post, it might use 1 cent, but generally hundredths or even thousandths of a cent. I've created amazing content for my website that I would have never been able to do, and so quickly, it's unbelievable. I also installed a chat bot that otherwise would cost monthly from any source. Its cost is based on usage, and it doesn't cost very much at all. I just checked and I've spent $2.75 USD so far and I've used it a lot. I was considering hiring someone to write content but now I no longer have to do that.

Amazingly Fast and Knowledgeable Tech Support!

By yeowda on September 22, 2023

Thanks Valentin!

Crazy good AI plugin

By radforms on September 20, 2023

only using this plugin for its content and image creation functionality at this stage and have enjoyed the ease with which it has sped up our work flow. Highly recommended and can't wait to implement the rest of the features

Streamlining My Workflow

By davidjosue11 on September 19, 2023

AI Engine has become an indispensable part of my WordPress toolkit. The AI Copilot suggests swift title and excerpt ideas that save me tons of time.

I also appreciate the moderation capabilities to filter inappropriate content. The template feature enables me to save prompts tailored to my niche for repetitive tasks. Embedding my own content provides helpful context for better results.

Strongly recommend!

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