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Advanced Responsive Video Embedder (Rumble, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video …)

Easy video embeds via URLs or shortcodes or Blocks. Perfect drop-in replacement for WordPress' default embeds. Best plugin for videos?
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The best WordPress plugin for videos? Supports close to everything you can imagine, still keeping it easy & simple.

Nicolas Jonas  
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Outstanding with Vimeo and YouTube Videos

By ixseo on July 29, 2023

I use both Vimeo and YouTube videos on my websites and recently the Vimeo player has caused display and page speed problems. I purchased and tested the ARVE Pro player and it fixed the Vimeo issues and also works well with YouTube. It will be my standard video player going forward!

no help from author

By soft-linking on May 24, 2022

i bought this plugin..so called pro version, i had a problem with videos not starting when clicked on some mobiles, i wrote to that guy on his so-called forum, never got an answer, this plugin is not mobile frendly, nor AMP compatible...and even worst, now i have thousands of stupid shortcodes that i must replace, never buy a plugin that replace your data with shortcodes !

Dont work

By postjoe on April 24, 2022

This Plugin is not working with external link. Complete waste of time.

It disables Elementor's Image Widget

By David Praznik (davidpraznik) on February 5, 2022

When I activate ARVE plug-in, the Elementor's Image Widget stop working and when I disable the ARVE plug-in all the videos on my blog are no longer visible.

Excellent plugin

By siamnaulak on May 17, 2021

This plugin is excellent, this is what I was looking for. This plugin works perfectly with Classic Editor.

ARVE Error: json decode error code 4

By hananobianse on April 21, 2021

please solve this error. 「ARVE Error: json decode error code 4」 I don't know hot to fix it

Google Search Console

By v1adimir on April 1, 2021

Missing field “thumbnailUrl” and other mistakes from Google Search Console

Insulting the customer is not support

By amarkmedia on March 3, 2021

The free plugin works great, stay with the free version. If you go pro and need help, get ready to be insulted by the developer. Worse, the insults did not fix what the problem was. I don't pay people to insult me... Any bets I don't get my money back?? My issue was that it was not doing as it promised. The very reason I wanted to go pro. I needed the plugin to automatically fill out the description, the date, and pull the image from YouTube. The very things the "pro" version tells you are the key reasons you should go pro. So I go to the support page that does not function properly. That kind of tells me what I was in for... And I fill out a support ticket. Filling out is where I guess the developer gets his rocks off on. He wants you to tell him everything about your website, your programs, the other plugins, what you are using the plug in for, etc... Imagine going to the dealership for your brand new car. Questioning why your left turn signal is not working and the first question the mechanic asks is "how many doors does the car have?" - Yea, what does knowing the number of car doors tell you why the turn signal is not working?? I have never had this kind of trouble with a 3rd party developer. Especially when the issue is for one of the core uses of that plugin. The App developers I have worked with, and the few times I ever had an issue with a Pro version of a plugin, know the possible issues for their core uses and have a handy response. They figure most people using the plugin are not technology literate and want fast solutions to simple issues to even what may be simple to them. Instead, with this developer, you get insulting replies if you have an issue with one of the basics parts of the plugin. How dare you have an issue for one of the highlighted reasons you should go Pro with this plugin!! And again, you, the one paying him money, are getting insulting comments because you are asking a question from the developer. I guess it's their version of saying "Thank You" I use WordPress because it saves me time doing what I need it to do for myself and my clients. I don't need to know the programing language and I don't need to know what all is happening in the back end. After all these years working around WordPress. I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works. But I don't think I need to be certified in SQL or any other computer language to ask for help from the developer. And I don't need to be insulted in any means for asking for support But the developer of this plugin feels you need to know all this if you want HIS help in solving an issue with HIS plugin. SO I quit using the program because it can't be fixed and I have asked for a refund. Now we can sit back and enjoy how he will respond with insults and accusations because I dared to ask for help!

This plugin crushed it!

By xavrixx on January 22, 2021

Needed a video plugin that can display big. Ability to control display is great; lots of parameters that can be managed if desired. This plugin is awesome.

Great plugin, great support

By stucorner on January 19, 2021

I've been using this plugin (free version and pro add-on) for a few years now. It works very well for my purposes (mainly lazyload and lightbox functionality). Recently I had a support issue with the new version which required some intervention - it was a conflict with my theme. Nico, the developer, went above and beyond to get a fix promptly sorted out for me. Thank you Nico.

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