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Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field

A Table Field Add-on for the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin.
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The Table Field Plugin enhances the functionality of the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin with easy-to-edit tables.

Johann Heyne  
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Great Integration

By jf9xcsdd on April 6, 2023

It does what it is promised

Clean, Nice looking and functioning

By telltec (misterelvis) on March 7, 2023

I just came back to using this plugin today after having it installed some years ago on a site. Still a wonderfully clean, simple and flexible Table field solution, thank you! 👍🏻

table in frontend

By foxizor on November 4, 2022

Good day, excuse me, how can I show this table in the frontend?

Handle Links

By jlcarpioe on December 16, 2021

It's a little difficult to handle links on cells, hope improved that!

No Default Values

By Simon (simonreisinger) on May 18, 2021

It is a great plugin but sadly it is not possible to set default values. Question to the dev: If someone programs this feature would you add it to the official plugin?


By Rasso Hilber (nonverbla) on April 19, 2021

Was looking for a clean way to insert tables anywhere in my website. This is the solution.

Very Powerful

By shane502 on January 7, 2020

We needed a custom table with dynamic content that had an easy-to-use interface for our client. What better way than with an actual table on the backend with user-editable rows. This also made pulling in data a breeze, even for the complexity we had with the tables. Works great with Twig and other ACF content within the table rows itself.

Very Useful Plugin, and Responsive Dev :D

By FTF Developer (ftfdevelopment) on October 8, 2019

This plugin handles a classic, seemingly simple, but surprisingly (or possibly annoyingly) complex development task of entering a table of data, very smoothly (in my experience). Additionally, I encountered a bug in one of the most recent version, while implementing ACF Blocks using the ACF Table Field Plugin, and the Developer not only replied, but had a fix within 24hrs. While, I'm sure other bugs might take a longer time to resolve, I'm grateful for the quick response and turn around in my experience. Thank you!

I can't believe it

By dougfabris on July 21, 2020

This plugin is a fantastic solution for tables using ACF. I used this and I was shocked with how it works brilliantly. A huge thank you for the authors of this masterpiece.

This is great!

By Jonathan Hinson (snugsite) on May 16, 2019

Thank you Johann. This is awesome, exactly what we needed!

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