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Advanced Custom Fields: Extended

All-in-one enhancement suite that improves WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields.
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🚀 All-in-one enhancement suite that improves WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin aims to provide a powerful administration framework with a wide range of improvements & optimizations.

ACF Extended  
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A Must Have if Using ACF but somewhat annoying

By stormhill on May 6, 2023

The basic version of the plugin is phenomenal on it's own and I am sure the pro is more than worth it, though I have not tried it. The extra field types and tools add a great deal to ACF in a seamless way. I do really wish they made it more clear what is included in PRO and not-PRO. Having badges showing half pro and half free really just adds to the confusion.

Properly extends ACF with support second to none

By emezing17 on March 27, 2023

Many plugins I've bought often fail to live-up to expectations (each release invariably breaks something). ACF though is just excellent, and ACFE matches that and extends it in so many useful and valuable ways. I'm sure most developers would rather cut code than support their plugins, however, Konrad takes time to reply quickly and in some detail. You get the feeling this plugin is extremely well written (like ACF itself), clearly very well documented and properly supported.

I think a rating of 5 stars are fully justified.

Image Selector in frontend

By foxizor on March 7, 2023

good day.
I am using the Image Selector field but as I see it on the frontend, I am using elementor I use an acf type image but the only thing I see is the url of the image I can't get the image to be seen by any chance do you have any guide on how to work that part

I have the return value as image

It should be noted that I am using it inside a repeater which in turn is within a flexible content if I use it outside these elements it works correctly


Amazing plugin, fast and efficient support

By Themosaurus (themosaurus) on February 13, 2023

This plugin packs a lot of super useful functionality on top of the already very useful ACF, this is a must if you're a dev !

Amazing plugin, amazing support!

By wnerd on October 26, 2022

This is one of the best plugins out there; amazing features added on top of ACF. Great support as well!

Very usefull

By Agent 3W (agent3w) on October 19, 2022

Good plugin, well coded and nice support ! We save a lot of time with ACFE combined to ACF, thanks to you.

Great Plugin – Great Support

By Nguyen Le (nguyenrom) on October 12, 2022

Your plugin is awesome :D

Plugin dont create post title

By oskarekmaly on September 29, 2022

The plugin is good, but to be great, it lacks one basic thing. Plugin does not allow to turn on / choose create Post Title. The user must create a special ACF field for the Title and use this field to create the post title from the frontend on save. Of course, such a field is required in the administration and the user must fill in the title and this additional ACF field again. Or you need to program a hook to populate the header from this additional ACF field on save. So who is the plugin actually made for? Without additional code programming, it is not possible to create a scenario where a post is created on the frontend and then the same post is edited in the administration. Or vice versa, a post is created in the administration, but then edited on the frontend - this is not possible because the title is missing. It's a pity that the developers do not think about ordinary users. After all, in 95% of cases, you need to fill in the Title when creating a post. It is written in the comments that the developers are thinking about special scenarios where developers need a custom field for the title. So why is it not possible to turn on/off heading bidding. After all, the acf_form, from which the plugin is based, has the option to turn on/off the heading. How cool would it be to turn on a special text field for creating a post title... If you don't want a text field, you can turn it off. If the developers could think with their heads...

Well worth it when developing with ACF

By sterkinonline on July 28, 2022

Great plugin, well worth the price if you develop WordPress websites with ACF. Keep it up!

100% Best Plugin for ACF Forms

By martinkoss on June 14, 2022

I've tried a few ways of building forms with ACF and the pro version of ACF Extended is well worth the price and, without any doubt, the best plugin. It works brilliantly.

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