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Product Updates

#1 – Preselect Plugins On-the-go

InstaWP is always finding ways to reduce your burden when it comes to WordPress Development. And we have taken another step forward in this direction.

Imagine being able to select plugins to install on your website and getting the site ready with your preferred plugins preinstalled on it! 

Yes 🙂, InstaWP lets you do that for a set of popular plugins now. The plugins to preselect are available for the sites you’ll create From Scratch.

#2 – Migrate Sites Effortlessly

We have updated the site creation workflow for our users. With dozens of minor changes that emphasize improving your user experience, there is a big update you would absolutely love, which is Migration is now available in your account.

This implies you can now migrate your staging site to the live domain and take care of domain mapping operations from within the InstaWP dashboard. Your migrated site even comes with preinstalled SSL! 

#3 – Link Shared Template with Parent Site

The Templates page in your InstaWP dashboard has a quick link to the parent site for each template enlisted. So now, you can instantly visit and modify your parent site with a single click from here.

#4 – v2.17.0 Has a Lot More Than Above!

The InstaWP team loves improving the product, refining workflows, eliminating issues, and simplifying the lives of WordPress development experts. So, besides adding the features mentioned above, we also worked on several other things.

Have a look at the top 3 highlights below:

  • Enabled 3D Card support for payments.
  • Allowed space for the command’s variables.
  • Fixed various issues and optimized the product’s performance.

⭐ Star Partner: Everest Backup

We’ve recently partnered with Everest Backup – A well-known WordPress Plugin that aids site owners in backup, restoration, and migration. 

With this integration, our users can pre-install the Everest Backup Plugin while creating their sites From Scratch in the InstaWP dashboard. We hope it’ll speed up your WordPress development process and benefit your clients proactively.

Top Resources – July 2023 

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Featured Review ❤️ 

We are really pleased to hear from Ravishankar Ayyakkannu recently! It’s great to know that our solution is helping a lot of businesses improve their workflows. 

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