InstaWP continues to have strategic partnerships with renowned plugin companies and hosting providers. Be ready for another great news 🥳

We take pride in announcing that we have now joined hands with SlimSEO, a leading SEO plugin. 

This way, we have conquered another frontier in WordPress sandboxing, as developers can now have SEO-friendly testing sites. This is a great capability at your disposal, and every WordPress developer should try it now. 

Through this partnership, InstaWP aims to empower WordPress developers so much so that they can build search-engine-friendly websites. Together, we are determined to empower users with unparalleled tools for WordPress development, making their website creation journey smoother, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

Stay tuned as we unveil the exciting features and benefits of the InstaWP and SlimSEO collaboration. 

Slim SEO – Simplifying SEO-friendly Website Development 

For beginners, Slim SEO is a feature-rich and comprehensive SEO plugin designed to simplify the process of optimizing WordPress websites for search engines. As it comprises various aspects of search engine optimization, developers can improve the website’s ranking and visibility in search results as they design it. 

Even though there are multiple SEO plugins in the market, Slim SEO manages to gain an edge over its peers because of its automatic configuration. Users don’t have to worry about complex or semantic options. The plugin takes care of the setup and configuration, making it user-friendly even for those with limited technical expertise.

Here is a crisp overview of the key features of this plugin. 

  • Meta tags generation 
  • Automatic XML sitemap generation 
  • Output a breadcrumb trailing on your website 
  • Auto description of structured data for search engines 
  • Setting up redirection rules easily 
  • 404 link monitoring
  • Google Analytics 
  • Page builder integration 
  • Easy data import and export 
  • Scraping content from RSS feeds 

What This Collaboration Means To You?

InstaWP has always kept its focus on offering the best to its customers, and with this partnership with Slim SEO, we came a step close to simplified yet powerful WordPress development. For InstaWP users, this collaboration means a lot as: 

They can check the SEO strategies in a safe testing environment.

InstaWP lets its users sandbox their WordPress websites from scratch. This we already know. But, with Slim SEO integration, its users can now experiment with various SEO strategies and changes without affecting the live website. This allows them to test different SEO techniques and analyze their impact before implementing them on the actual site.

They can try multiple SEO practices.

SEO is an extensive task, and developers need to make sure that a website meets all of the criteria. Gladly, this can start from the beginning of the website development. 

Now, they can have staging websites ready for them. Using these sites and Slim SEO, developers can easily test different meta tags, keywords, and content optimizations to identify the most effective SEO practices that can improve the website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

They can analyze the real-time performance of a specific SEO technique.

By using Slim SEO with InstaWP, developers not only test multiple SEO techniques but also learn the impact of these techniques in real-time. They can analyze the results of various tests and make data-driven decisions to optimize the website’s SEO efforts.

Based on the performance of SEO tactics in the actual world, developers can iterate and refine their SEO strategies continuously. 

All in all, this integration of Slim SEO and InstaWP WordPress sandboxing brings numerous benefits to website development. It allows for safe SEO experimentation, error identification, improved website performance, and a collaborative approach to refining SEO strategies. By using a sandboxing environment to test SEO changes, developers can enhance the website’s search engine ranking, user experience, and overall online presence.

How To Use Slim SEO Integration With InstaWP 

After reading about the benefits that this powerful collaboration is going to deliver to you, it’s obvious to get excited and try it out. Gladly, doing so is easy, and you don’t require any expert tools and expertise. 

Here is what you need to do:

Step #1 – Access your InstaWP account 

To use Slim SEO, you first need to log in to your InstaWP account, which is an easy job. If you’ve made one, get started now. Learn here how to get started with InstaWP

You can use a free or paid version of InstaWP. Both are equally good. 

Step #2 – Create a new site 

As you finish login or sign-up, we need you to go to Dashboard to create a new staging site. For this, simply click on + New Site option that you can find on a Site page.   

Now, you need to access From Scratch tab. As you do so, you will be able to find an extensive list of plugins that you can use to create a staging site. 

Step #3 – Search for Slim SEO 

From the list, select the SEO category and click on Slim SEO. If you’re not able to see this tool, you can type it in the search bar section.  

Step #4 – Add the plugin 

As you find the plugin, click on it, and the plugin will be added to your staging site. 

Step #5 – Do needful change 

As you’re building a staging site from scratch, InstaWP will provide every possible pre-built resource. You can change the site’s configuration according to the need of the hour. For example, you can change the site name. 

Step #6 – Finish development 

As you’ve made the necessary changes, click on Create Site, and the staging site will be ready in no time. To visit the site, you need to click on Magic Login. In this ready-to-use staging site, you can see the Slim SEO plugin ready to help you. 

So, When Are You Trying SlimSEO for your InstaWP Sites? 

From the very beginning, InstaWP’s focus is on innovation and enhancing WordPress solutions. 

Slim SEO and InstaWP are two of the most loved and viable WordPress development resources. As they are now together, developers are empowered, and WordPress development is easier than ever. 

Go ahead and check out this integration today!