Handle Everything from Staging to Server with InstaWP and ServerAvatar

From the very beginning, InstaWP aims to reduce the efforts that WordPress developers have to make in developing WordPress sites and projects. To make it happen, InstaWP continues joining hands with various service providers so that its users get to enjoy best-of-breed integration.

This time, InstaWP decided to bring ServerAvatar Integration for you and simplify staging and server-related workflows. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it certainly is. Scroll down to learn about this powerful partnership of the two most viable resources of the WordPress realm.

ServerAvatar – Your WordPress Server Management Companion

ServerAvatar is a leading server management service provider that is here to make WordPress development easier than ever. It offers endless server management capabilities that developers can use to manage users, services, processes, security, logs, alerts, and other related activities related to the server.

  • It brings unlimited capabilities at your disposal as you can manage unlimited databases and allow unlimited users to work on projects. 
  • It lets you keep a watch over server load, provides an advanced log viewer, can help you do automated disk cleaner, and can help you monitor database queries. 
  • It comes with a fully automated technology stack that allows you to start the hosting immediately. Its fully automated LAMP stack is fully optimized with FastCGI and PHP-FPM. 

In addition, you have the power of an OLS stack as well. You can start hosting a website instantly. It’s compatible with multiple PHP versions, Redis, MySQL, Git, and many more resources. 

ServerAvatar has enough security features to make sure that you host your websites in a fully secured ecosystem. For instance, you can use SSL keys, receive automated security updates, add trusted IP addresses, gain full control over servers, isolate the environment, and even manage Fail2Ban settings for SSH.

That’s not the end of ServerAvatar’s offerings. It takes server management to a whole new level with the help of its laudable integration. For instance: 

  • You have integrations with cloud platforms like Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode, AWS Lightsail, and Hetzner that make you instantly deploy the new servers.
  • To make sure you’re enjoying best-of-breed storage solutions, ServerAvatar offers seamless integration with leading storage services like S3, Google Drive, AWS S3, Wasabi, and 
  • Dropbox.
  • It aims to simplify development with its Gitlab, Bitbucket, and GitHub integration.
  • It helps your team be fully connected as it comes with smooth integrations with Slack, Discord, and Telegram communication tools. It lets you deploy sites having custom webroot requirements with the least possible hassles.

In the end, we can only tell you one thing; ServerAvatar will simplify server management so much so that WordPress development becomes a child’s play for you.

And, now that ServerAvatar is paired with InstaWP, setting up a WordPress development environment as well as hosting your site is going to be a little smoother.

Unfolding The Power of This Partnership

InstaWP, as we all already know, is an easy way to spin up a WordPress site and have staging sites ready. The platform comes with a wealth of features and tools like DB Editor, SSL encryption, Log Views, Free Domains, Staging site templates, Code Editor, and so on.

With all these features and facilities, InstaWP ensures that creating a sandbox environment for a WordPress site is not at all a tedious job now. Being a cloud-based tool, InstaWP is easily accessible to all of your team members.

We often partner with great product and hosting businesses to improve the user experience for our customers. While InstaWP is sponsoring the WordPress Web Agency AI Summit 2023 hosted by our partner Crocoblock, there is no way we could halt our journey to finding efficient and amazing companies like the emerging smart Cloud hosting solution, ServerAvatar, and collaborating with them.

InstaWP users are now able to use ServerAvatar from their accounts, and this means a lot for developers. We’re going to talk about the magic when these two feature-rich WordPress resources come together.

Seamless server management

With this integration, InstaWP users are now capable of using the server management abilities of ServerAvatar with a single click. You can manage users, deployed sites, access, and many more aspects with nearly zero manual effort.

Speedy development

As this integration brings InstaWP’s lightning-fast staging setup with ServerAvatar’s robust server management, WordPress development is no quicker than ever. There are short development cycles to deal with. Hence, the time–to–market increases significantly. If you’re a development agency handling multiple projects simultaneously, then this integration is going to be a great help for you.

Top-notch security at your disposal

InstaWP is already offering a great deal of WordPress security features like SFTP or SSH, customized security enabling abilities, password-based support, and many more. But, with ServerAvatar integration, you’re bound to experience an extra bout of security as you have the power of a firewall, 2FA, and many other security features.

How To Use ServerAvatar With InstaWP?

From the above text, it’s clear that integrating ServerAvatar with InstaWP is one of the greatest moves that InstaWP has made today in its mission of simplifying WordPress development.

Now, let’s explain how to bring this utility into action. Once you’re done with having WordPress ready with InstaWP, this is what you’ve to do for hosting it using ServerAvatar.

Step #1 – Open your InstaWP account and go to Hosting.

Step #2 – Click on ‘Connect Hosting’. As you will do so, you will be able to see a whole list of hosting providers. Keep scrolling down until you see ‘ ServerAvatar’ from the list.

Step #3 – Go to the ‘ServerAvatar’ dashboard and click on Account from the right-hand side menu. You need to get the API key of ServerAvatar.

So, click on ‘API Access’ and you will be able to see API key details from the right-hand side of the dashboard. Copy this API key.

Step #4 – Once again, access InstaWP and enter the copied API key of ServerAvatar in the Connection Form. Give a name to your server as well. Click on ‘Connect’.

Step #5 – In a moment or two, you will be able to see all the servers that you’re using with ServerAvatar. Also, hosted sites will be visible to you as well. You can add them to InstaWP to create quick staging. Use the InstaWP Connect plugin to do so.

How to Create a New InstaWP Site with ServerAvatar?

If you want to create new sites with InstaWP and ServerAvartar, then follow the above-mentioned steps before proceeding to the ones listed below:

Step #1 – Click on ‘ Create New Site’ that you can see on the right-hand side of the panel.

Step #2 – Name your site and click on ‘Create’. InstaWP automatically prompts ServerAvatar to create a new site for you and apply adequate security measures on the freshly created website. Once the site is ready, click on it.

Step #3 – To log in to the site, go to ‘Connect’ and click on ‘Auto Login’. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to access your newly created website.

This is how you can start using ServerAvatar with InstaWP. This integration is indeed a game changer for WordPress developers as they can now host their websites with hardly any manual effort.

Even though InstaWP also allows you to host a website with no server hassles, ServerAvatar makes things a little easygoing.  You can even create WaaS in InstaWP and host it with ServerAvatar. It’ll be really cost-convenient.

Final Say

InstaWP is one of the most dependable tools for agencies and freelancers when they want to have a powerful staging ecosystem ready by their side. It keeps expanding its integration profile so that its users unfold new capabilities.

By integrating ServerAvatar in the dashboard, InstaWP brings you a unified and enhanced WordPress experience. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an agency looking to optimize your workflow, or a business owner seeking a hassle-free WordPress solution, the InstantWP-ServerAvatar partnership is designed with you in mind.

Check out this partnership today and unfold new WordPress development possibilities. A 14-day free trial is waiting for you. Also, use the coupon INSTAWP when registering with ServerAvatar, and the coupon SERVERAVATAR while signing up with InstaWP to avail of a 15% discount.

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