InstaWP 2.0 is here 😃

September and October 2023 were exhausting yet amazing for the InstaWP team. We have already shared the related insights with our newsletter subscribers. And today, we’re here to make it up to you and spill the beans. 

All About Our Site’s Makeover

InstaWP, as a product, has evolved a lot since its inception. To ensure that our website reflects what our product actually does, we recently launched a fully-transformed version 😍 of

It’s lighter, airy, and yet wholesome. You’ll love it, we bet 🙂

😎 The Staging Plugin is Rewritten, too!

Our 1-click staging plugin, after its omnidirectional growth, required an urgent overhaul. InstaWP promised customers that our team would do it very soon, and we never broke a promise.

Guess what? InstaWP Connect is now rewritten from scratch and is free of all glitches that you might have encountered lately.

Download it now.

As a bonus for our loyal customers who want to understand our product’s workflow better and use it effortlessly, we also restructured and improved our documentation 📄.

Read InstaWP Documentation

Freshly Brewed

#1 – Multi-Language Support for Shared Templates & WaaS

Have a target audience that speaks Spanish, German, or French? Go ahead and build templates specifically for them because InstaWP has added support for these 3 languages in Shared Templates.

Create a Shared Template

#2 – InstaWP Template Store is Live!

Our aim is to speed up your WordPress development workflows, and InstaWP store is a big milestone we crossed in this journey.

With this, you can use InstaWP templates to build beautifully crafted and feature-studded WordPress sites in one click or sell/publish your own templates in our store to gain visibility 👀 and profit 💰. 

FYI, our dashboard is accessed by 10 to 15 thousand WordPressers every single day. 🤫

Visit InstaWP Store

#3 – WaaS is Getting Better

There are no shortcuts to building a great product. 

So, while we were busy transforming our product inside-out, we also rewrote WaaS Support for ServerAvatar,, RunCloud, and wildcloud (WPCS) completely – which means, WaaS is improved to another level too.🙂

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Case Study – ClickWhale

ClickWhale – the famous link shortener WordPress plugin – uses InstaWP to demonstrate its product. They love our demo and staging features among the pool of facilities that InstaWP offers to its users. Try the ClickWhale Demo or read the case study to figure out how we helped them grow at a much faster rate.

Read Case Study | Setup a Product Demo

A Fabulus Testimonial 🤩 

InstaWP has been a total game-changer for Kyle Van Deusen from The Admin Bar community. He loves our product’s speed, top-notch quality support, and ROI. Kyle thinks he has a new way to use InstaWP every next week. 

We are thrilled to hear back from users like Kyle. Listen to him on your own. 🤩

Kyle’s Video Testimonial

3 Amazing Partnerships 🤝

After our partnership with ServerAvatar and JetFormBuilder, we thought it would be great to have a few awesome plugins enlisted for pre-installation in our dashboard. So, in the past few weeks, we partnered with 3 cool WordPress solutions.

MelaPress – For WP Activity Log (200,000+ Installs). You love this plugin, and we know that.

Code Snippets(800,000+ Installs) – Developers need their plugin more than often. 

Tyche Software– For WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin (30,000+ Installs)

There are more partnerships on the way 😉

Featured Review of the Month ❤️ 

We are really pleased to hear from Jérémy F! It’s great to know that our solution is helping a lot of WordPress professionals improve their workflows, and our customer service is at par with their expectations 🙂 

Do you also like InstaWP, just like him? Why not tell us and let us feature you? Leave a Review on TrustPilot or ProductHunt today.

Read this Review on Trustpilot

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