So, let’s begin the late August 2023 Open Newsletter with the best news of the month.

Yes, you hear it right. After months of waiting and hard work, InstaWP has launched the 2-way sync feature for its plugin InstaWP Connect. 😍

We are very excited to share more details about it. (Plus, there are many other amazing updates that our product team wishes to share with you. 🥳)

InstaWP 2-Way Sync is Magical 😎

Previously, we only allowed creating staging from live in 1 click using InstaWP Connect, but things are even better with 2-way sync. 

Now, whenever you install our 1-click migration and staging plugin to your WP sites, you will find an additional tab called Sync (which is now in Beta). Enabling the syncing functionality for your WordPress site will allow us to track all changes you are making to your site (Don’t worry! It’s fully secure). 

2 Way Sync walkthrough using InstaWP Connect plugin

Make changes fearlessly in the staging site, as you can later find the list of all modifications in the Sync tab in the InstaWP Connect settings. Want to merge them to your live site? Just click Sync Changes, and the magic🪄 will begin.

😍 All about Our Community Booth

InstaWP’s WordCamp US 2023 participation is unique in every sense this time. It’s because our partners helped us manage our community booth, telling our audience how they use InstaWP to improve their workflow. 

WordCamps are organized to promote community spirit, and InstaWP took it a step further. Our awesome partners you might have met at the booth are:

☕Freshly Brewed in August 2023

#1 – The Clear Cache Support

As the 2-way sync is now available for our plugin users, we have added support for clearing the cache too. Our tool supports WordPress Cache / Object Cache Plugins (e.g., Radis Cache, Object Cache Pro, and Docket Cache) and 23 other plugins at this moment.

Check the list of other supported plugins below.

#2 – Vulnerability Scanner

We have introduced a new feature called Vulnerability Scanner for our customers with a PRO plan or above. It will help you build quality sites and secure your data. 

You can find this in-built feature as you click on your site’s name and see enlisted options. Use this scanner to scan core plugins & themes so that all issues can be detected early and automatedly. It will generate vulnerability reports on demand and help you a lot in testing.

#3 – v2.19.0 is out!

We recently fixed and added a lot of things to our constantly improving product and launched v2.19.0 for our users. With this, we expect to upscale security and user experience for all.

You can now:

  • Add PHP workers for any site needing CPU resources. (PRO plan or above)
  • Use or skip tags during email marketing integrations (They’re now optional)
  • Leverage better experience for plan upgrades and template purchases.
  • Use Page Speed Insights, ReCaptcha, and commands hassle-freely.

❤️ Featured Reviews

We are really pleased to hear from Lucian Padureanu and Cristiano Zanca in August 2023! It gives us a great feeling when developers and agencies love us for our features and cost convenience.

Do you also like InstaWP, just like these awesome people? Why not tell us and let us feature you? Leave a Review on TrustPilot or ProductHunt.

📺 Recent Broadcast

InstaWP hosted a combined LIVE session with our esteemed partner ServerAvatar. Vikas Singhal (Founder @ InstaWP) and Adarsh Sojitra (Founder @ ServerAvatar) discussed InstaWP, ServerAvatar, Connecting SA in InstaWP, Creating site, Migration, WaaS, and more during the event.

The broadcast of 35-45 minutes ended in more than an hour, as the audience had a lot of questions for both speakers. Hope you will love it too ✨

⭐ Star Partner: PeachPay

PeachPay is our latest plugin partner, and we are very excited to take this collaboration further. For the unversed, PeachPay is a popular all-in-one payment and checkout solution for WooCommerce.

With this integration, you can now pre-install PeachPay (Category: eCommerce) to your WordPress sites as you create them From Scratch in 1-click from your InstaWP dashboard. It will allow you to add Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, Square, PayPal, and various other payment options in the WooCommerce sites you built through our portal.

❤️ Featured Video

WordPress 6.3 is here, and our experts won’t want any developer to skip what’s new in this version. So, InstaWP’s latest video is all about WP v6.3. 

Take a look:

📔 Top Resources – August 2023

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