We sincerely hope that you loved InstaWP’s July Newsletter

To continue this trend we began, we are here with another one. To be honest, our team couldn’t wait till the month’s end, and therefore, this early August (2023) newsletter is ready for you.

(To be honest, we have added a section or two in the open newsletter. So, it’s more rich in information than the one you got in your mailbox. 😉)

Happy reading 🙂 

The Rise of the InstaWP Community 🙋

InstaWP is growing, and we can sense it already 😀 

July was an exciting month for our team. We partnered with various plugins & hosting companies, witnessed great contributions made towards our product, saw tremendous growth in InstaWP’s social community, and whatnot. 

A glimpse of our social media growth:

😎 1000 Followers on Twitter (Now “X”)
😎 200 Facebook member
😎 A new Discord group 

That’s not it.

Our founder, Vikas Singhal, took part in a live YouTube session organized for The Admin Bar community. His video on how to test, build, & deploy websites with ease has garnered over 900 VIEWS in the last 3 days.

⭐ Three Cool Partnerships

After our recent partnership with Everest Backup, we decided to pace up our collaborations. And it’s time to unveil InstaWP’s hosting partnerships of the month. Yes. Three of your favorite PHP Cloud Server Management Panels 🥳

We have been receiving many requests for this since the time we began our partnership journey. And that’s why we decided to seal deals with these organizations quickly. Dev Team also worked hard, and the integration is now complete. ⚡

🤠 One Amazing Contributor 

Meet Matt G., Founder of Maggew

Lately, we received an email from him that made our day. Matt told us that he found our Chrome Extension and its Wp.org plugin and theme testing functionality very cool.

He wrote a Tampermonkey script on GreasyFork that browses the WP.org repo through our tool. We loved his idea and cannot be more grateful for his contribution. Thank you, Matt. 🌞👏

More About Matt: LinkedIn | Medium

🏆 Featured Product Demo

Clickwhale is a recently-launched link shortener & tracker plugin for WordPress. Its creators were trying to find a way to demonstrate their product live. And that’s when they found InstaWP. 

They quickly realized that this could be the tool they needed and were impressed by how easy it is to create demo site instances with InstaWP.

Eager to see how ClickWhale is using InstaWP? Try this demo.

❤️ Featured Video 

Athar Web Studio recently published a complete tutorial on how to use InstaWP, and we absolutely loved it. This super-educational video can improve or revise your understanding of InstaWP, and therefore, we decided to include it in our newsletter this time.

Every essential thing is summarized in 12 minutes! 🙂

A Day at WordCamp Bangalore 😃

InstaWP sponsored WordCamp Bangalore on 🗓️ 29th July 2023. Not only we met WordPress enthusiasts from around the country, but it was also like a meetup for the InstaWP team working remotely for a long time.

We will remember this day for years to come. 😃

💲Giveaway of the Month

InstaWP is now on Discord, and to encourage people to join our server, we planned a giveaway at the beginning of August 2023. One of the InstaWP users won a promo code worth $50

📔 Top Resources of the Month 

Build better WordPress solutions. Read these testing and sandboxing guides curated exclusively for you: