Enable 2FA Functionality in your InstaWP Sites in a Click

In the previous announcement, we informed that prestigious customers of InstaWP can use Melapress from their dashboard. However, that was not the end for better WordPress security. It was the beginning, and moving ahead in this direction, we have now made the WP 2FA plugin from Melapress available for our users.

With this move, InstaWP has ensured that WordPress development is a bit more secure. This partnership has tons of benefits to offer, and we’re going to decode all of them for you. So, stay tuned.

Melapress’s WP 2FA – Improved WordPress Security

Melapress is a trusted name to take when it comes to highly compatible, feature-rich, and viable WordPress plugins that you can use for your projects. Previously, we made the WP Activity Log plugin from Melapress available for our users. And this association was loved by our users.

This encouraged us to move ahead, and this time, we’re bringing WP 2FA plugin integration for you. Offered by Melapress, this is a WordPress security plugin with laudable capabilities. With more than 50,000 active installations, this plugin is here to make sure that your WordPress sites have advanced security measures like 2FA in place.

It implements 2FA across the website so seamlessly that you don’t hesitate to use it. Have a look at the key capabilities that this plugin brings to the table.

  • The plugin offers you various types of 2FA methods for your ease. You can choose any 2FA you want and even customize it according to your needs and preferences.  
  • WA 2FA brings a lot of 3rd party integration at your disposal. You can use services like Twilio and Authy seamlessly with this plugin and take standard authentication to a new level with features like push and SMS-based notifications.  
  • You can configure 2FA policies according to your needs and ensure that all of your users are using 2FA. Define grace periods, set-up requirements, and other 2FA usage aspects in detail.
  • The plugin has pre-build capabilities for 2FA setup. You don’t have to do anything special to set up 2FA for your website. It demands no technical know-how to start using this security feature. This makes the plugin beginner-friendly.
  • You have the freedom to use the plugin on all the leading 2FA apps and activate this security measure with the least possible friction.
  • The plugin ensures that you use 2FA for your custom login pages as well. It works well with default WordPress login pages, custom pages, and 3rd party pages with the same ease and perfection.
  • The plugin doesn’t allow you to use a dashboard to access its capabilities. A front-end page on your custom user portal is enough to bring this plugin into action.
  • You can white-label all your 2FA pages, emails, and wizards to maintain consistency.
  • WA 2FA plugin from Melapress is compatible with other leading plugins from stores like WooCommerce and MemberPress. You can use other plugins to enhance the capabilities of your website with this capability.
  • If you need to know about the usage of 2FA by your users, start using the WA 2FA plugin, as it helps you gain deeper insights into the 2FA setup. You can learn how many people are using 2FA and which user accounts are protected.
  • WP 2FA is a multisite-compatible plugin. You can activate it at a network level and implement 2FA for all your users and network infrastructures.
  • To address all your concerns and worries, WA 2FA provides you with highly responsive and extensive customer support. You can share your concerns with customer support and ensure that you’re making the most of this plugin. 

WA 2FA plugin from Melapress is not an ordinary security plugin. It’s something that you can use for advanced capabilities and ensure that 2FA implementation is swift, customized, and at every crucial level.

InstaWP and WA 2FA – What Does This Union Mean for You?

From the above text, it’s very clear that the WA 2FA plugin from Melapress is the easiest possible way to bring 2FA into action. Wondering what benefits it offers with InstaWP, a leading WordPress sandboxing platform?

Let’s unearth this mystery.

Improved Security

Now that you can use the WA 2FA plugin from InstaWP, you have a chance to make sure that your staging sites are fully secured. Developers can protect the sensitive information they have on staging sites and conduct the testing without any fear. This makes the possibility of data breaches on the staging site as low as possible.

Apply Access Control

If you’re a WordPress development agency handling tons of WordPress sites simultaneously, this association is worth a try for you. You can create multiple staging sites for each project and use the WA 2FA plugin to apply user access control. You can decide which team member can make changes and test new features. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the development process.

Vulnerabilities Mitigation 

Staging sites may not receive the same level of security scrutiny as live sites, making them potential targets for security threats. WA 2FA ensures that your staging sites have that extra protective layer that is required to control the vulnerabilities. 

Instant Security Alerts 

With the help of this integration, InstaWP users now have a chance to be notified of any security concerns in real-time, as the WP 2FA plugin can share push notifications and SMSs about any concern. This makes early identification and remedial of any security concern.

For any WordPress developer, security remains the priority and InstaWP and WA 2FA are here to make sure that you don’t make any compromise on this front. So, when are you going to try this partnership?

How To Use WA 2FA With InstaWP 

Stop delaying when it comes to WordPress site security. Here are the steps that you need to follow for using WA 2FA from Melapress with InstaWP. 

  1. Go to InstaWP’s official page to access its login facility. 
  2. Use registered login credentials to log in to your account. 
  3. Go to the InstaWP Dashboard. 
  4. In the middle of the interface, you can see the ‘Create New’ option. Click on it to spin a new staging site. 
  5. Click ‘From scratch’ to open the site creation modal pop-up.
  6. In the ‘Security Category, look for the ‘WP 2FA’ plugin. Select this plugin for pre-installation.
  7. Select whichever configurations and plugins you want for your staging site and click on ‘Create Site’ to finish the development. 
  1. Access the newly created staging site using the Magic Login button. 

With these simple steps, you can have the WA 2FA plugin in place in your InstaWP account. If you need any help, you can contact the support team of InstaWP without hesitation. 

In Conclusion

InstaWP continues its promise of making WordPress development as easy as possible by partnering with WA 2FA integration in our site creation workflow. Expect more such lucrative partnerships in the future. 

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