InstaWP is on a voyage to innovate. We are refining our tool for creating WordPress sandbox, partnering with plugin companies, shaking hands with hosting providers, and making sure that our user base has a better way to build, test, and modify their sites.

While our product aims to improve WordPress development workflows for developers, we understand there is a lot more that still can be done. And interestingly, we always find things to add to the InstaWP dashboard for our customers. 

After our recent partnership with Everest Backup, we are now all set to explore new horizons, e.g. bulk page creation. And for this, we have a new partner on board.

We are talking about LPagery – the bulk page creator plugin for WordPress. Let’s tell you everything about this collaboration.

What is LPagery?

LPagery is a great way to build bulk landing pages targeting different geolocations. So, if your agency often creates sites for local businesses or online shops, it can help you a lot.

In fact, anyone using programmatic SEO will find LPagery very useful.

The plugin comes with facilities like custom URI Editor, CSV Upload, Google Sheet Sync, and Radius Feature. It is compatible with WPBakery, Elementor, Divi, BeaverBuilder, Visual Composer, Astra, and many other popular tools that you often use. 

As InstaWP has now partnered with LPagery, you won’t have to manually install this plugin while creating a site from scratch using our tool. Instead, you can find it enlisted in the Utility section as you pre-install the essential plugins to your site.

This way, your freshly-baked WP instances can have LPagery installed on them – without you investing anything more than a click in the site creation process. 

Let’s explain how to make it happen.

How to Pre-install LPagery on your WordPress Sites with InstaWP?

Note: If you are not an InstaWP user, read how to Create an Account on InstaWP first.

  1. Go to your InstaWP dashboard and create a new site. For this, you must click the + New Site present on the Sites page.
  1. Now, you need to navigate to the tab From Scratch. Here, you will find various plugins categorized in various sections. 
  1. Go to the category Backups to find LPagery. Select this plugin. You can also select more plugins from the same/other categories before moving to the next step.
  1. Check if you want to change the site’s configuration or add a name to your site. If so, do that.
  1. Hit the Create Site and wait for a while. Your site will be ready in no time.

Now that your site is ready, you can click the Magic Login button to visit it. You will find the LPagery plugin installed on it.

Great, right? 🙂

You can even create a shared/private template with all essential plugins like LPagery installed on it. This template can later be used to build sites even faster.

Final Word

LPagery is a great plugin when you want to create similar pages for various locations, services, or requirements in bulk. Using InstaWP, you can now pre-install this plugin on your fresh WordPress staging sites super-quickly. We hope that the InstaWP-LPagery partnership will help you speed up your website development workflow.

Try our tool for creating a WordPress sandbox environment today.