Introducing LLAR Plugin in InstaWP Dashboard

Designed to control brute force attacks, the LLAR plugin has 2 million+ active installations, GDPR-compliant operations, and Wordfence compatibility. 

And guess what? 

You can now pre-install it in 1 click while creating a site from scratch with InstaWP 😀

InstaWP has managed to provide the best of the WordPress world to its customers again. And this time, it’s the LLAR plugin that works seamlessly with InstaWP Dashboard now. With this partnership, InstaWP has enhanced security for the staging site development process that you often follow. 

We have a lot more to say about this LLAR-InstaWP partnership. Keep scrolling to know every bit of this powerful association.

LLAR Plugin – Say ‘Yes’ to Improved Security

LLAR, or Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, is a renowned plugin that offers unbeatable protection against brute force attacks. The plugin has already gained huge applause for offering unbreakable security features. 

With the activation of this plugin, users can:

  • Control the number of login attempts to any website
  • Set up a configurable lockout time for website users
  • Notify the users about remaining login tries
  • Quick lockout notifications
  • Get detailed logs of denied attempts
  • Create a safelist and denylist of IP addresses and usernames  

For any security enthusiast, all these features are no less than bliss as they help in controlling unwanted access to the websites. What makes this plugin stand out is its ability to control the logins on custom, WooCommerce, and XMLRPC login pages as well.

It’s backed by an advanced mechanism that prevents further attempts automatically by tracing the IP addresses and usernames. With all these measures, this plugin ensures that brute-force attacks are not there to bother you.  

The LLAR plugin is a great way to ensure that brute force attacks are away from you. It carefully identifies the frequent login attempts using the power of IP intelligence. IP addresses with any kind of malicious activities will be automatically detected and blocked.

Switch to Premium Versions For Extended Security Later on.

The Limit Login Attempts Reloaded plugin offers standard and premium versions for extended protection. Its premium version has 7 days free trial and offers extra security features such as:

  • Performance optimizer that allows you to offload the excessive failed login burden from the server.
  • IP intelligence that identifies suspicious logins automatically and blocks them instantly.
  • Improved throttling that ensures that suspicious IP addresses have longer intervals.
  • Global denylist protection helps security experts use the active cloud IP data from the LLAR network.
  • Synchronized lockouts that permit website owners to lockout IP data between multiple domains.

These advanced features take website security to a whole new level and ensure that a website continues its operations without any disturbance. As the premium version comes with a 7-day trial period, you can place your bet on it without any fear.   

InstaWP with LLAR to Help You Build Securer Websites

InstaWP, as we all know, is a great tool for website security and performance optimizations. 

It allows you to create sites in a staging environment without any trouble and use these sites to test the plugins and themes before using them on live sites. 

We let you enable SFTP & SSH for your sites already.

Additionally, using the WordPress sandboxing capabilities of InstaWP allows you to find incompatible plugins and themes that can cause serious troubles for live sites. 

Now that you can pre-install the LLAR plugin on your sites, you have even more opportunities to build and deliver secure sites. Let’s explore how these two will make things better for every website owner on the security front.

  • Better Protection

InstaWP users can take the default security of staging sites to a new level because the LLAR plugin can help you set up login limits for staging sites. You can also use this feature for product demos that you can create with InstaWP without any hassles.

The LLAR plugin can control login attempts, detect malicious IP addresses, send notifications on failed logins, and do much more with the staging sites of InstaWP.

  • Controlled Access

If you’re a WordPress agency with a team of developers, this partnership of LLAR and InstaWP is going to make sure that each developer has login rights to the staging sites according to the need of the hour.  

The LLAR plugin can help you set up the login limits for all the staging sites. This way, you can ensure that there is no misuse of staging sites and that only allowed professionals can access staging sites.

By using these two tools together, you not only deter brute-force attacks but also mitigate the risk associated with potentially unverified or risky code. This is a comprehensive security strategy that can help keep your WordPress website safe and secure from both external attacks and internal vulnerabilities. 

Remember to keep your plugins and themes up to date and choose trusted sources for your WordPress extensions to maintain strong security  

How To Use InstaWP and LLAR Plugins Together?

LLAR plugin is available in the ‘Security’ category and is easily accessible for all InstaWP users. If you want to use this powerful integration, you must know that the process is easy. 

Here are the steps you must follow to use LLAR from the InstaWP Dashboard.

Step #1 – Login to InstaWP

Start the process by simply logging in to your InstaWP account. Visit the website and click on the ‘Login’ option that you’ll be able to see on the topmost right-hand side of the page.

If you don’t have an account and want to know how to get started, click here

You can log in as a guest or set up a full-fledged account. If you want to use your previous work/sites, it’s better to set up an account properly, as guest accounts won’t be able to access their past staging sites. 

Take a 15-day free trial with an unconditional money-back guarantee in case you want to try our product’s premium features.

Step #2 – Access the Dashboard

As you finish login, you’ll be directed to the InstaWP dashboard. In the middle of the interface, you can see the ‘Create New’ option. Click on it to create a new staging site.

Step #3 – Look for the LLAR plugin

In the ‘Security’ section of the From Scratch tab, look for the ‘Limit Login Attempts Reloaded’ plugin. The plugin will be visible on your staging site instantly.  

Select it for pre-installation. You can add more plugins from this (and another) category to your site before you click Create Site

Step #4 – Start Using LLAR with InstaWP

Click Create Site when you are ready to launch it.

InstaWP allows you to create a website from scratch. In the blink of an eye, the staging site will be ready. Use the ‘Magic Login’ feature to access this staging site. 

Also, LLAR is activated in your InstaWP Dashboard. Start using it for every staging site and enjoy better security.

LLAR and InstaWP Are Here For Better Security

With InstaWP and LLAR, Insta sites now have better protection against brute force and performance. Start using this partnership from today onwards. If you haven’t got the premium version of InstaWP, go and get it today and explore more opportunities. In the future, more integrations are yet to come. So, stay tuned! 

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