InstaWP is always looking forward to improving your WordPress development workflows, and we have taken one more step towards the same. Our organization has recently partnered with Everest Backup, the famous WordPress Cloud Backup, Migration, Restore & Cloning Plugin. 

Let’s see what this collaboration means and how it will benefit you.

Before we proceed, we would like to introduce you to our partner of the month quickly. 

Everest Backup Plugin: What’s it for?

Created by EverestThemes, this plugin allows WordPress users to backup their WordPress sites to the Cloud storage they prefer. 

It’s a great recovery and migration solution that allows one-click backups alongside quick restoration, cloning, and migration. 

You can schedule an automatic backup or take a manual backup while using this plugin.

With Everest Backup, your data from the database, themes, plugins, and media folder – all can be included in your backup file. It can be stored on your Google Drive or another Cloud destination as per your preference.

Restoring the file for your existing site or a new destination is also simple, as you can use a key for this purpose. 

As InstaWP is now an Everest Backup partner, our users can skip one step (i.e., plugin installation) if they wish to avail all the above-mentioned features of the plugin. With this partnership, you won’t have to install the Everest Backup Plugin manually. One click can add it to your fresh WP instances on your sites. 

Wondering how? Read the next section to learn more about it.

How to Pre-install Everest Backup on your InstaWP Sites?

If you are an existing InstaWP user and are familiar with the process of creating sites in your dashboard, pre-installing Everest Backup will be really easy for you. However, new InstaWP users or non-users must first learn how to Create an Account on InstaWP.

Next, you need to create a new site.

Now, when you click the + New Site button from your InstaWP dashboard or the Sites page of your InstaWP account, you will find a few more options added to the process flow.

Remember, you have the option to pre-install the Everest Backup plugin while creating a website From Scratch

As it’s a backup plugin (with many more features), click on the category Backups. You will find the Everest Backup Plugin enlisted in front of you. Select the plugin.

Before you move ahead, you can also select more plugins from various categories for pre-installation.

Once done with selecting plugins for pre-installation, click the Create Site button. Your site will be ready almost immediately.

Now, you can use the Magic Login to visit your InstaWP website. The plugin shall be installed on this freshly-baked site already. 🙂

Pro Tip: You can also use the backup and restore functionality of the Everest Backup Plugin to push your InstaWP site to live and vice-versa.

Final Word

InstaWP is currently on a voyage to partner with various theme and plugin creators so that we can list the most useful WordPress solutions in our pre-installation wizard. Our goal is to speed up WordPress website development and reduce the burden of manually taking care of plugin and theme installations from our users. 

Our partnership with Everest Backup will help our customers create, launch and deliver better websites that are more secure and migration-friendly. With this, the end-users (your team or clients) will be able to take regular site backups, clone sites, migrate between hosts, save their WooCommerce orders data, and do a lot more.