Simplify your workflow with InstaWP & Atarim partnership

We have some big news for you! Following on from InstaWP sponsoring Atarim’s Web Agency Summit last month, we’re thrilled to announce that we are now partnering up with them!

So what does this exciting partnership mean? With this latest development, you’ll now be able to create and test WordPress sites faster, all while enabling swift communication with your team through direct comments on the website design.

What is Atarim?

Atarim is in the business of creating WordPress creation workflows that are effective and efficient. Atarim all started when Vito Peleg, its Co-Founder & CEO, discovered how hard it was to be an agency that designed WordPress sites and keep track of all client comments. 

One could be calling your phone, another could be sending you emails, and another would be chatting with you on Facebook or Slack. If it sounds annoying, well, it’s definitely more than a minor inconvenience. After all, if you’re working on more than one project, you could confuse the comments–where they came from and which website they’re referring to.

As a result, you’ll find yourself working longer on each project or wasting time searching for particular revisions. Vito solved the problem by creating Atarim. Using it enabled him (and other users) to no longer have to communicate via different platforms or use multiple collaboration tools.

Instead, everything that needed to be noted about WordPress websites can now be found in one place. Whether you need to assign tasks to team members or get clients’ comments, Atarim is your go-to tool. It lets you stay organized even if you’re working on plenty of WordPress projects!

Watch this video to find out how easy it is to keep on track even with multiple projects using Atarim:

Atarim + InstaWP: What Does this Integration Mean?

Our Atarim integration and Atarim’s InstaWP integration is here to make things further simpler for the WordPress development agencies.

With InstaWP, you can quickly spin up a WordPress site from scratch, from template or from specific theme/plugin configuration. You can quickly share the website with potential client to show them work.

What if they want to provide feedback?

To help your clients provide quick feedback on the website that you are developing, with Atarim integrated into InstaWP, all your team and clients have to do is click on a section of the website they’ve changed or want to change and leave a comment. Any and all activity will be informed to you via email. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to leave comments via Atarim. 

Bonus: You no longer have to install Atarim as a separate plugin–the integration means all WordPress sandbox sites created via InstaWP all have it by default via link integration! Collaboration, cooperation, and changes can all be made faster. And that means a more efficient workflow, more websites delivered, and even more happy clients.

For the Atarim platform users, InstaWP integration will simplify the spinning of WordPress test environments while Atarim’s features help with task management, project planning, content collaboration, design feedback, and so on.

How’s this Partnership Going to Help Our InstaWP Users?

With InstaWP’s ability to spin up a website in less than a second and Atarim making it easy to communicate with clients and collaborators, you can deliver your WordPress website faster than ever.

At InstaWP, we’re committed to always improving our platform for our users, and teaming up with Atarim is just one way we’re making it happen. And with 99.99% uptime, 1,000 websites created daily, and the backing of Automattic, you can be sure we’ll give you top-notch service that won’t let you down.

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