While almost the entire business world is busy having a feature-rich and viable website to expand its reach, no one bothers to talk about the power of WordPress templates. They are the real game-changers for both the developers and the customers.   

Starting from saving a developer’s time in developing a website to helping the template owner make handsome money, WordPress templates are here to make everything possible. 

If you’re an InstaWP user, you have 2 ways to utilize templates. One, use store templates or build your templates to improve your WordPress development workflow, and another, sell your templates in the InstaWP store to make money.

Oh, wait! You can also use shared templates to set up product demos.

FYI, an InstaWP template is a saved version of your WordPress website, which can be used by authenticated users to create a running website in seconds. This website will be an exact copy of your saved WP instance.

InstaWP templates possess the potential to unlock doors to a new realm of financial prosperity, provided you monetize it correctly. In today’s guide, we’re going to discuss the nitty-gritty of InstaWP template monetization so that you get the best value for your efforts.

InstaWP Templates: Reducing Development Efforts & Expanding Earning Capabilities

Before we talk about the monetization strategy, let’s explain what an InstaWP template is. It’s a saved version of a WordPress site that is available for public use. InstaWP empowers WordPress developers so much that they can craft and design templates with desired features and facilities.

Once a shared template is created successfully, developers can also share them with a global audience on the internet. This way, InstaWP templates can be accessed by other users like businesses, agencies, and individual developers and act as a valuable resource to construct their WordPress websites.

All users of the InstaWP template have to pick a suitable template, enter the website details to create a site in a WordPress sandbox, and have a fully-functional website ready in no time.

For InstaWP template creators, this is a great opportunity to make handsome money if they monetize the template the right way.

By leveraging these templates, users can elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of their websites to new heights.

Where Can You Use InstaWP Templates?

Monetization of any product is tough and requires ample skills and strategies. Amongst those strategies, the key one is to understand the use case of your product. This is important so that you know what your targeted customers are and how you should position your product.

In the present case, the product is a WordPress template. Hence, let’s begin by knowing its use cases for effective monetization.

For Agencies

Those who are WordPress development agencies can speed up the entire development workflow using these saved versions of WordPress sites. As the basic framework is ready, agencies can get started with a project quickly and even finish it before the deadline.

These templates are great for agencies where multiple projects are handled simultaneously as they will help the agencies to cut down the development time to a great extent. That’s not the only capability that agencies can experience with InstaWP templates. There is more to go.

For agencies, plugin testing and integration is perhaps the most tedious task to handle. Not only it’s daunting, but it’s extremely time-consuming. This is where the InstaWP template comes to their rescue.

Using these templates, agencies can easily have a rough version of the live site handy with the essential plugins pre-installed for their client sites. This eliminates the need to manually install and configure plugins for each new client website.

So, when a new project lands, agencies can simply apply the appropriate template, and the predefined set of plugins will be automatically integrated into the site. This makes them succeed in saving substantial time, minimizing the chances of overlooking crucial plugins during setup, and delivering a reliable experience to their clients.

Agencies can also level up the site demo experience. In general, agencies will have a demo site for the client to get approval. However, this demo fails to provide a real-time overview of how themes will look themes tend to have different portrayals in the demo and in real life.

This ruins the demo, and at times, the customer trusts if the used theme looks sub-standard on the live site. With the help of InstaWP templates, agencies can re-vamp this traditional demo process. The themes used in templates will be the same in the demo and at the live site. This way, the demo will look a little more realistic.

For Individual Developers and Freelance Professionals

If you offer WordPress development services as a standalone professional, these InstaWP templates are going to bring some revolutionary changes. From reducing the development time to delivering highly customized development services, these templates are going to do a lot for you.

Individual developers can showcase utter professionalism in their work and projects using these InstaWP templates. How? Well, they can use the templates to ensure that each client’s website is built on a standardized foundation.

They can bring unmatched consistency in design, functionality, and plugin integration. As these templates can be tailored to include preferred settings, configurations, and design elements, developers can proffer unequalled customization.

They can increase their capabilities by using these templates. They only have to enter the basic website details, and they will have a full-fledged website ready to present to the client. They can have more sites ready in a short period.

All in all, InstaWP templates are going to lure anyone who is indulged in impressive WordPress development somehow. As a template developer, you can target all of them and build a fortune.

How to Monetize The InstaWP Templates?

If you are a creator who can design templates and understand what’s in demand these days, you have a good chance to make money now. People from both the above-mentioned categories can be a part of this group.

Monetizing InstaWP templates is easy. All you need to do is to add a payment gateway or paywall in front of your shared template. Here are the steps to do so.

Step #1 – Go to your InstaWP Profile account 

Go to the official InstaWP site. Login to your account and access the dashboard. 

Click on Profile and choose My Account. 

Go to Profile page. 

Step #2 – Gain Beta access 

In the Profile section, look for Beta Access and toggle the button to join the program. 

Step #3 – Sign up as a seller 

Again, go to the Profile section and select the Payout option. 

Click on Set-up account. 

Select the right account type and click on Continue. 

Step #4 – Start monetizing a template 

Go to the Shared template page. 

Click on the Monetize icon. 

Select the Paid Ratio option, and enter the amount in dollars. Save the details. 

That’s it! The template is ready to build a fortune. 

Are You All Set To Have Monetized InstaWP Templates?

InstaWP templates are a great way to empower individual developers and agencies. Using them, everyone can save a huge deal of time and money. So, if you have a WordPress InstaWP template ready, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and start monetizing it. Trust us! The world needs engaging and impressive templates to boost your WordPress development speed.

Sign up with InstaWP and start selling WordPress Templates.