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Become a Friend of InstaWP

Love InstaWP? Wanna be friends? 🙂

If you are looking at this page then you must be a special friend of InstaWP ;-).

We are happy that you have decided to be a “Friend” of InstaWP and this is just a quick formality of getting your account created. Before proceeding, here are some tips which might help make things clear:

  1. As a Friend you are not expected to promote InstaWP explicitly, in fact we discourage promotion.
  2. Make InstaWP a part of your daily WordPress chores.
  3. Don’t be shy on sending feedback to us – this in fact is the biggest expectation of this program. Use email, slack or Live Chat.
  4. If you are a content creator, try to incorporate InstaWP into your workflow (for articles, videos etc.. ), use it for screenshots, for example.
  5. If any point, you feel that InstaWP is not a fit for your workflow, simply opt out and let us know. No hard feelings 🙂


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