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In Templates Tab you can view and delete all the created templates. The following information can be viewed on the Templates Tab.

InstaWP Templates
InstaWP Templates
  1. Template Name –  The name of your created template
  2. Parent Site – Name of the parent site from which the template was originally created
  3. Status – This shows the current status of your InstaWP Template
  4. Created On – The creation date of your template
  5. Used Count – The number of instances created with the current template
  6. Share – This lets you share the templates by simply clicking on the Share icon and copying your unique link for anyone to copy from your template. 
  7. Create Site –  This allows you to create a new wp instance from your template
  8. ­Delete – This allows you to permanently delete the backup template

Create a site with Templates

InstaWP - Templates
Creating site using Templates

After you save a WP Instance as a template you can regenerate it at any time by navigating to Templates > Actions > Create Site. You can provide any name to your new template. Follow the below-shown steps to regenerate a template as a wp instance.

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