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Site Options

Let’s now have a look at all the Site Options of InstaWP. As we know InstaWP is extremely customizable it has multiple options through which you can make the utmost use of WordPress instances. We have talked about all the site options below:

all site options
All options
  1. Name – The name of your site given at the time of creation.
  2. Time to Expire – Remaining time in Days, Hours and Minutes after which the WP instance expires.
  3. WP Version – Mentions the WP Version of your WP Instances selected at the time of creation.
  4. PHP Version – Mentions the PHP Version of your WP Instances selected at the time of creation.
  5. Disk Usage – The total storage used by your WordPress Instance
  6. Auto-login – Click to automatically login to your WordPress instance
  7. View Log –  Get a detailed list of Error and Access logs of your WordPress Instance
  8. Code Editor – Opens up the code editor, where you can make changes to your root directory and access wp files.
  9. View Creds – This allows you to view the credentials of your wp instance including the admin URL, username, and password.
  10. Export As – This allows you to export your current WP instance to Local WP. It automatically zips the files and you can then export and use it locally.
  11. Delete – This allows you to permanently delete a particular instance from the server
  12. Access FTP/SSH – Enable instant SFTP for your sites and access file remotely. Enable instant SSH for your sites with pre-installed WP CLI.
  13. Map Domain – This allows you to map domains i.e  Point any custom domain to your sites. 
  14. Save as Template – This allows you to save your current WP Instance as a Template for later use.
  15. Reserve Site – This allows you to reserve a site and this prevents automatic deletion.
  16. View Sites – This allows you to view all, active, expired, & reserved sites created by you.

Note: Some features are available on paid plans only and users with free accounts won’t be able to access those.

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