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Domain Suffix

This feature allows you to create all the sites in a particular team to have a whitelabel / suffix domain like siteabcd.yourcompany.com.

To configure follow these steps:

Configuring the “A” Record

Navigate to your team’s settings and copy the IP address.

You need to create an “A” record to the suffix domain using a wildcard DNS entry. Go to your domain providers panel and add the A record. Some help links:

After adding the wildcard record, its time to issue a SSL certificate for the whole domain. There are 2 ways to do it – automatically via Cloudflare or Manually using a SSL key & cert.

CNAME Record

Next create a CNAME record.

Manual SSL Key/Cert

To get a manual certificate you can either purchase it from the domain name provider or you can issue it yourself using certbot / letsencrypt.

Once you have SSL key & certificate, paste it in the team settings as shown below:

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