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Creating a New Site

The Sites tab is from where you can control all the site creation, configuration, deletion, view logs, open the code editor, export your site, access FTP/SSH, Map Domains, Save an instance as a Template, Reserve a site and do a lot more.

The first thing you need to do is create a new site if not created already, for this click the “Add New” button found on the top-right corner. This opens up a dialog box that has two tabs, InstaWP allows you to create a new site from scratch where you can control the WP version, PHP version, choose a pre-set configuration and add a custom site name.

Creating a New Site
Creating a New Site

The other option for site creation is creating a site using a site template, here you also get the option to select a plugin that would be installed & activated automatically once you create a site. As of now, InstaWP is offering “Gutenberg 5.9 Beta” a WordPress Beta Tester plugin, a Gutenberg plugin, with Twenty Twenty Two theme. 

Creating site using template
Creating a site using a template

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