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InstaWP Editors • December 20, 2022

Troubleshooting WordPress: Common Errors and How To Fix Them

Did you know that a new WordPress post is published every 27 seconds? Or that

InstaWP Editors • December 16, 2022

The Best Way To Create a Blueprint (Boilerplate) WordPress Website

Do you frequently create new WordPress websites? Are you tired of installing the same plugins

InstaWP Editors • November 29, 2022

How to Set up a WordPress Sandbox to Test-Drive Plugins, Themes, & More

Most of us played in sandboxes when we were kids. Who knew that all these

InstaWP Editors • November 23, 2022

Ultimate Checklist For Pushing Staging To Live Environment

Pushing changes from a staging environment to a live one is a crucial but often

Vikas Singhal • November 9, 2022

The Best Way To Set Up WordPress Staging Site For Testing

Making changes to your WordPress site without testing them out thoroughly is a recipe for

InstaWP Editors • September 12, 2022

Setup WordPress for Local Development in One Second

New developers make changes to their live site without considering any potential drawbacks. After all,