How InstaWP Supports’s Mission of Teaching WordPress

InstaWP is used by plenty of enterprises, designers, agencies, and developers for website development. But as you will see in today’s case study, InstaWP’s usage can be for educational purposes too!  We talk to Hans-Jürgen Herbst, founder of Tidenhub Digital GmbH and and get a closer look at how he uses InstaWP to help his clients.


Hans is the owner of, a company based in Germany. He has built over 250 websites using various systems such as Drupal, Magento, Wix, and even in pure code. However, he has found WordPress the easiest and most versatile solution.

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He was always getting approached by people asking him about making websites. The customers are usually 40+ years old with small businesses who need help and straightforward answers about making sites and solving technical issues.

He spotted an opportunity, and that’s why in October 2022, he founded Website Tutor. It’s all about how to run a WordPress website. It includes tutorials, legal aspects, themes, sample content, and more.

How Did You First Become Aware of InstaWP, and What Problem Were You Trying To Solve When You First Considered Instawp?

I wanted to offer my customers a fast and easy way to try out and discover WordPress for themselves without being intimidated that they would break their website. I can’t remember what exactly I typed in the search engines I used. Thankfully, I was able to find InstaWP. For me, it’s the top solution to my needs and customers’ needs.

How Did You Evaluate InstaWP and Other Options Before Making Your Purchase Decision?

I tried out a lot of other options, but InstaWP was still the best fit in terms of my process for offering my customers a fast and free WordPress setup. 

InstaWP has not only made WordPress more accessible for my clients, but it has also revolutionized my teaching process. With InstaWP, my clients can tinker with test sites fearlessly, and my teaching process has become more efficient. It has become an essential part of my business strategy, and I plan to use it for the long haul.

Hans-Jürgen Herbst
~ Founder of Tidenhub Digital GmbH and

How Do You Use InstaWP Daily, and What Features Do You Find Valuable?

InstaWP makes it easy for me to teach customers about WordPress and how to create sites. They can start by using set templates to make new sites. They’re no longer nervous about making mistakes since they know they’re just using a test site.

I also love using InstaWP to make product demos to upsell to potential customers. And, of course, as a website creator, I always appreciate the configurations, DB Editor, Code Editor, and Logs Viewer options. 

How Much Time Do You Save Daily by Using Instawp?

I estimate that I save at least 2 hours of setup time when helping my customers try making their own WordPress site. I’m thankful that I no longer have to show how to start things from scratch and that exporting a finished website is easy.

Can You Share Specific Results or Metrics Demonstrating the Impact InstaWP Has Had on Your Business?

I have successfully integrated InstaWP into Website Tutor. My customers no longer have to visit different websites to learn WordPress. Everything they need to know about WordPress is all there. 

They learn from doing and not from me showing them what to do. That makes for a shallow learning curve, even for people who have never tried out WordPress before. That also helps make them confident in website creation quicker.

Have You Experienced Any Challenges While Using InstaWP, and if So, How Did You Overcome Them?

The only difficulty I had when using InstaWP was that I couldn’t embed a shared template creation. That’s because third-party cookies are blocked in both Chrome and Firefox. My workaround was just to use the sharing link in a new tab. 

How Do You See InstaWP Fitting Into Your Long-term Business Strategy?

The workflow I now have using InstaWP is a significant part of my strategy. If nothing changes about InstaWP dramatically, I plan to use it without end. 


Hans has found a way to make WordPress more accessible for everyone, thanks to InstaWP. His customers can tinker with test sites without fear or intimidation and learn more about WordPress quickly. And because InstaWP works with his teaching process well, Hans has plans to make InstaWP a core part of his teaching experience. 
Are you also an educator who needs a quicker and better way of teaching WordPress to your clients or students? Sign up for an InstaWP account for free and experience a better teaching method today!

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