Radial Studios is a technology consulting company based in Columbus, Ohio which has been in business for over 21 years. One would think this company has seen it all, so they would have the solutions for all problems, right? But once they got to experience the power and capabilities of InstaWP, they immediately added it to their workflow, helping them speed things up and keep their projects organized.

In this case study, we talk to George Faerber, one of Radial Studios’ founders, and find out how using InstaWP helps optimize their work processes and ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.

About Radial Studios

Radial Studios was founded in 2001 by George and Bethany Faerber. The company builds websites, consults with clients on technology issues, and creates systems designed to deliver years of value for its customers. It has been able to work on hundreds of clients’ projects over the years.

Key services:

  • Building traditional and e-commerce websites and plugins for their customers, who are usually merchants and small businesses.
  • Support for websites they’ve built, such as website hosting, DNS & Domain Management, and email support.
  • Giving customers interactive games, training tools, intranets, and other database-drive solutions.
  • Providing marketing and data analysis on projects for their clients.

How did you first become aware of InstaWP, and what problem were you trying to solve when you first considered InstaWP?

I found out about InstaWP through search engines. I was looking for a way to handle website development, do tests, and quickly spin up sites on our primary platform without adding to our boneyard of old sites. We’re still in the process of cleaning up what we have! 

“I would unreservedly recommend InstaWP to other businesses. It’s been an excellent tool for our agency, and we are delighted with the service!”

George Faerber

How did you evaluate InstaWP and other options before making your purchase decision?

We were encouraged by plenty of positive third-party reviews, but we still wanted to try out InstaWP for ourselves. So we signed up for the trial and tested it out. We were pleasantly surprised and happy that InstaWP was a natural fit for our workflow!

Have you experienced any challenges while using InstaWP, and if so, how did you overcome them?

We didn’t have any ongoing issues with our InstaWP services. We encountered a few minor technology issues early on, but the InstaWP staff quickly solved them. We’d like to commend them: we always get clear communication and speedy chat support every single time.

How do you use InstaWP daily, and what features do you find valuable?

We use InstaWP to build client sites, create staging sites, build product demos for potential customers, and create test sites quickly. 

One of the features we find particularly valuable is Instant Site Creation, which allows us to spin up new sites in seconds. We also appreciate the Configurations feature, which allows us to customize each site to our specific needs and requirements. The Teams feature is also a great asset, enabling us to collaborate easily with our teams, contractors, and clients.

And, of course, we love the Database Editor, Code Editor, and Logs Viewer features. They let us make accurate adjustments and track any changes made by anyone.

I can honestly say we save a minimum of 1 hour by using InstaWP – sometimes even more!

Can you share specific results or metrics demonstrating the impact of InstaWP on your business?

InstaWP helps us segment our development sites separately from our production and staging servers. That lets us keep our environments tidy and especially saves me time when I have to clean up old projects since I’m in charge of this aspect. 

It’s also an incredibly quick way to create a test site to evaluate some plugins or see how they will work with an existing site. InstaWP helps keep us organized and, as a result, helps us to give our customers better service.

How do you see InstaWP fitting into your long-term business strategy?

I plan to keep InstaWP as an integral part of our day-to-day operations indefinitely. I’m not returning to intermingling test and production sites in the same ecosystem.

Would you recommend InstaWP to other businesses, and if so, why?

I would unreservedly recommend InstaWP to other businesses. It’s been an excellent tool for our agency, and we are delighted with the service!


InstaWP has become an essential part of Radial Studios’ daily operations. It has allowed them to streamline their workflow, quickly make new sites, and instantly collaborate with others. They save plenty of time and can give their customers better service.

They highly recommend InstaWP to other companies because of their fantastic experience!

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