In this case study, we learn about the impact of the InstaWP Sandbox feature on Newsletter Glue’s plugin business. We have outlined the problem and the steps they took to overcome it? Here is a summary of our chat with the founder of NewsletterGlueLesley Sim (

About Newsletter Glue

Newsletter Glue is a newsletter publishing platform for WordPress that helps users build, send and manage their newsletters more effectively.

Key features:

  • Ability to create and design newsletters using the WordPress block editor.
  • Automated email campaign creations
  • Connect to your existing email service provider, no migration is needed (13 email integrations)

Newsletter Glue is designed to help users save time and improve the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

What problem were you trying to solve?

When I first considered InstaWP, I was trying to solve the problem of creating a demo for people to test out our plugin. I wanted to find a way for potential customers to try out the plugin before making a purchase decision, as I believed this would increase the chances of them deciding to buy.

I knew that creating a custom sandboxed demo would require extensive setup on our end (weeks, and hundreds or thousands of dollars) as well as ongoing maintenance.

That’s why I was looking for a tool like InstaWP that could make this process easier and more streamlined.

How did you first become aware of InstaWP?

I first became aware of InstaWP through the Post Status Slack community. I was looking for a solution to create a demo of our plugin for potential customers to test out and came across InstaWP as a potential option. After researching the product and evaluating it against its competitors, I decided to purchase it due to its ease of setup and low cost.

“It is an important part of my business. I will never sell a plugin without it.”

Lesley Sim, Founder, NewsletterGlue

What other features do you like?

I find the instant site creation feature to be the most valuable, as it allows potential customers to automatically set up a new WordPress site with our plugin pre-installed for their demo.

The git integration feature is also very useful, as it allows me to easily manage the code for the demo site. These features have been invaluable in helping me be hands-off with our demo sites for our plugin.

How much time do you save using InstaWP?

By using InstaWP, I am able to save approximately 20 hours of set-up time. And 1-2 hours per week of maintenance.

From start to finish, I was able to set up sandboxed demos and have them live on my site in under 2 hours. I don’t believe this is possible with any other solution.

What is the direct impact on your plugin business?

Without InstaWP, we would probably never have a demo, which would hurt our conversions.

A significant number of our customers try the sandboxed demo before buying. This suggests that the demo sites created using InstaWP are effective at giving potential customers a good understanding of what our plugin can do and how it works.


Overall, Newsletter Glue has had a positive experience with InstaWP and considers it an important part of their business strategy. They highly recommend it to other businesses, as they believe every plugin (or theme or even a service) should have a way for customers to demo it before purchasing.

After implementing the solution and integrating InstaWP, the team was able to save many hours and provide customers with a sandboxed demo in a very short timeframe. This has allowed the team to offer more tailored experiences to their customers and increase their overall engagement with the brand.