If you’ve built WordPress websites or are starting to build them, you’re probably familiar with Maxi Blocks. It’s an open-source page builder for WordPress Gutenberg that provides a library of website templates, block patterns, icons, and everything you need to create websites faster. Maxi Blocks is even more appealing because this WordPress plugin’s outstanding features are all free!

Maxi Blocks believes in making things easier for creators, so they started using InstaWP. This integration lets them showcase their plugin quickly and lets potential customers immediately see Maxi Blocks’ benefits. In this case study, we’ll explore what Maxi Blocks is and how InstaWP has helped them present their plugin more effectively.

About the Client

Maxi Blocks started in January 2020 because its founders wanted to bring a great page builder packed with high-quality templates to WordPress Gutenberg. They noticed that while there were a lot of page builders, the free versions only allowed basic or introductory features. People had to fork over cash to access better capabilities.

The Maxi Blocks team wanted to break that cycle and help people build WordPress websites faster. When you install their plugin to your WordPress site, you’ll immediately access the following features:

  • A hundred style card variations
  • A library of pre-built templates
  • Custom block patterns and foundation blocks
  • Responsive pages, no matter where you view your website
  • 13410 SVG icons and shapes you can edit, line, and fill in without needing any extra software 

And a whole lot more that were all designed to simplify your life and foster your creativity. 

And you know the best part? You don’t have to pay for anything (unless, of course, you purchase anything from their pro template library). And as soon as you install the plugin, you can immediately start creating beautiful website designs–it’s that simple and easy to use!

The Challenge

The Maxi Blocks team was looking for a way to help new users experience the Maxi Blocks plugin with a temporary WordPress site and installation of their plugin. However, manually creating WordPress sandboxes was time-consuming–and could get pretty complicated. They needed a fast and easy method to demonstrate their plugin’s capabilities. 

Introduction to InstaWP

So while looking for a way to solve that challenge, they asked friends and colleagues for recommendations in making a test WordPress site. Many of the people they asked recommended InstaWP to them. On the strength of those recommendations alone, they immediately started using InstaWP!

How Maxi Blocks Use InstaWP?

The Maxi Blocks team uses InstaWP to create product demos or sandboxes that let their potential customers experience Maxi Blocks firsthand without harming the customers’ original websites. This way, customers can experience all of Maxi Blocks’ features and imagine what it would look like on their websites before actually implementing any changes and experiencing potential downtimes or lower Google rankings.

Customers can also test the compatibility between Maxi Blocks and their websites because InstaWP lets users create test sites with different WordPress versions. What’s also great about InstaWP is that if the customer has many partners, they can collaborate on the same test site without additional requirements, such as more user names or being in the same time zone.

The Maxi Blocks team is currently exploring the potential integration of Git and InstaWP. However, they’re still considering how it will help them and their product. They’re definitely glad it’s there, though!

The Results

The Maxi Blocks team has just started using InstaWP. Right now, they have yet to get accurate data and metrics for how their use of InstaWP is affecting their business in the long run. 

What they do know is that they’re saving at least an hour in helping new users experience our Maxi Blocks. They’re definitely optimistic about using InstaWP and seeing how much it can affect growth for Maxi Blocks.


Maxi Blocks is a fun and user-friendly solution for website creation. Of course, the company believes its customers should try it first and go through its full capabilities. That’s why they have started using InstaWP to create test WordPress sites so that clients can experience the full power of Maxi Blocks safely without affecting anything critical on their websites.

While the Maxi Blocks team has yet to touch on the potential of InstaWP fully, they’re already looking forward to seeing how it boosts their company’s growth. Why not give InstaWP yourself a try, especially if your product is a plugin or a theme that needs to be felt by your potential customers? That way, they’ll have a better idea of what your plugin or theme can do for them, especially when it comes to their business growth!

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