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InstaWP Editors • November 23, 2022

Guide to Pushing Changes from WordPress Staging To Live

Pushing changes from a staging environment to a live one is a crucial but often

InstaWP Editors • November 22, 2022

The 9 Must-Have Tools For Every WordPress Developer

As a WordPress developer, you need to have a variety of tools in your toolkit

InstaWP Editors • November 18, 2022

What Is Staging Environment & Why You Should Have One

Developers are required to run a variety of tests to ensure quality control before a

Vikas Singhal • November 9, 2022

The Best Way To Set Up WordPress Staging Site For Testing

Making changes to your WordPress site without testing them out thoroughly is a recipe for

InstaWP Editors • September 1, 2022

10 Chrome Extensions for WordPress Developers 

When it comes to WordPress, you have a plethora of plugins and themes to simplify

InstaWP Editors • August 12, 2022

9 Reasons to Use WordPress for Website Projects

If your current thoughts are – Why WordPress? Should I choose WordPress for creating a

InstaWP Editors • August 10, 2022

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins [Updated 2023]

In this post, we have mentioned top five recommendations of WordPress backup plugins.

Vikas Singhal • May 31, 2022

Story of InstaWP and Investment by Automattic

I fell in love with WordPress around 2015 (about 7 years ago) and always suggested

InstaWP Editors • April 22, 2022

How To Create WordPress Test Site (4 Easy Steps)

Are you trying to figure out how to make major changes to your public (live)

Vikas Singhal • March 24, 2022

Real World Case Study – Product Sandbox Demos

Setting up your plugin/theme sandbox or in other words – product demos can be really

Vikas Singhal • March 11, 2022

Demo Builder for WordPress Plugin, Themes & Services

We will learn, step by step, how to build a sandbox environment of a WordPress

Vikas Singhal • January 10, 2022

How to create a WordPress Sandbox Environment?

Often times you may find yourself wondering how to I create a sandbox WordPress instance

Vikas Singhal • August 31, 2021

How to Create Templates and Share Them?

Creating a template Sharing a template Note: Sites created using your template URL, will be

Vikas Singhal • August 10, 2021

Access SFTP & SSH on InstaWP

This a step by step guide to connect to WordPress site on InstaWP via SFTP.

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