7 Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Websites in 2023

Boost Your E-commerce Site: The 7 Best WordPress Plugins of 2023

In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, it’s essential to stay ahead, get noticed, and show up in every search result. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, online businesses have to harness the power of WordPress plugins to elevate their websites and provide exceptional user experiences.

In the case of WordPress, you have plugins for every workflow. Only the right WordPress eCommerce plugins will revolutionize your e-commerce website and drive unparalleled success. 

Therefore, all you need to do is: find the right WordPress plugins for eCommerce and start using them correctly. 

Let’s dive in and discover the game-changing plugins that will empower your online store instantly.

A Word of Caution: Test eCommerce Plugins before Adding them to the Live Site

One might find it absurd to test a verified and long-established WordPress eCommerce plugin before using it on the main website. However, this one step can save you from a wide range of hassles like plugin incompatibility, reduced functionality, and many more. 

By conducting thorough testing, you can ensure that the chosen plugins seamlessly integrate with your existing website and deliver the desired functionality without any negative impacts.

Carefully done testing will help you determine whether the best WordPress eCommerce plugins are compatible with your specific website requirements/deployment, such as theme, other plugins, and overall site architecture. 

You can assess whether it meets your requirements, provides the desired features, and aligns with your business goals with the help of testing. It helps you identify and address any potential performance bottlenecks before going live.

WordPress eCommerce plugin testing is an ideal way to check user acceptance and make an informed decision.

7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Online Store

#1 – Stripe Payment Plugin by Checkout Plugins

If you’re looking for reliable WordPress eCommerce plugins free, try Stripe Payment Plugin. You can use this plugin for your WooCommerce store to establish a robust, secure, and highly flexible payment system. You can accept multiple cards and grant unmatched freedom to your customers.

As the provider is an official Stripe Partner, you can bank upon it for reliable performance. Already, the plugin has received over 100,000+ installations. 

As the plugin receives regular updates, you can ensure you always have the best possible assistance. It’s compatible with WordPress version 5.4 or above. 

With the help of this plugin, you can even integrate Apple Pay into your online store. Very few plugins offer this capability.


  • Seamless integration with multiple payment methods 
  • One-click checkout with ExpressPay 
  • Full customization of payment infrastructure 


Cryptocurrency support is not there. 


The plugin is free to use. 

#2 – ReviewX

ReviewX is a comprehensive review management platform that you can use for your e-commerce platform. It provides an interactive, user-friendly interface to manage reviews across multiple social media platforms and channels. 

With ReviewX’s help, people can review your products based on various criteria. With customizable widgets and integrations, you have a lot more to do with this advanced WordPress e-Commerce plugin. As it comes with a fully automated review collection process, you end up saving a huge deal of time and effort. 


  • Reviews based on multiple criteria
  • Streamlined review collection 
  • Advanced analytics and reporting 
  • Customizable widgets 
  • Reputation management 


No mobile app support 


The plugin has fair pricing plans that start at $45 per month. 

#3 – WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

WP Mail SMTP is one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins an online store owner can use to fix the common problem of WordPress emails being flagged as spam or not delivered due to improper configuration or limitations set by hosting providers. 

The plugin follows a simple process and seamlessly reconfigures the native WordPress email function, improving the chances of your emails reaching the recipients’ inboxes. Get this if you want your email marketing to be effective. 


  • It helps overcome email deliverability. 
  • It comes with a user-friendly setup wizard. 
  • Works well with the most popular SMTP services such as Sendinblue, Gmail, Mailgun, and more
  • WPMail SMTP seamlessly integrates with the WPForms plugin.


Complex configurations demanding some technical knowledge


WP Mail SMTP offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides basic functionality, while the premium version, WP Mail SMTP Pro, is available at $99/year and offers additional features like email logs, notifications, and so on. 

#4 – Studiocart 

Try Studiocart to optimize your e-commerce store so much so that it starts generating revenue in a blink of an eye. The tool has an easy set-up and can be used by mentors, instructors, and any e-commerce store for impressive optimization. 

More than 3000 businesses have already shown their trust in this plugin. You can also do the same, as the plugin has advanced features like cart abandonment trigger, upsell & down-sell,  and automated sales discounts. 


  • Automated new order emails 
  • Traffic redirects to an inactive page  
  • Order page access 
  • 30+ in-built integration 
  • GDPR compliant 


No other language support


The Basic plan of Studiocart starts at $199/year and goes up to $399 /year. 

#5 – eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin By ImpleCode 

With more than 10,000+ active installations, the eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin by ImpleCode is our next pick in the list of top eCommerce plugins for WordPress that will help you create a selling product catalog. With its help, you can create a 100% engaging product catalog for your store. 

It will allow you to display your products with pre-selected parameters. You can organize the products according to different categories and tags. Over a single click, you can import/export the product details in a CSV spreadsheet. The plugin supports English and Dutch languages. 


  • Add custom search details. 
  • One-click installation 
  • Drag-and-drop settings 
  • Compatible with all kinds of themes 


  • The live chat feature is not as responsive as it should be 


The plugin is free. 

#6 – Ibtana 

Your search for a WordPress plugin that will help you manage the product add-ons will end at Ibtana, as it will help you create unique product pages over a single click. No extensive coding knowledge is required to use this plugin. 

As the plugin is highly flexible, you can create a 100% personalized product page for your eCommerce store.  


  • Add to Cart buttons
  • Display reviews and ratings
  • Create product meta for your product page 
  • Auto-approve affiliates 


  • No live chat features 


This is an open-source plugin. 

#7 – SliceWP Affiliates

This WordPress plugin is designed to help businesses build and manage their affiliate marketing programs effectively. With SliceWP, you get to enjoy a wide range of features that you can use for tracking and rewarding affiliates, allowing e-commerce stores to grow their brand and increase sales through affiliate partnerships. 


  • SliceWP Affiliates provides a user-friendly setup wizard 
  • Advanced tracking capabilities allow businesses to monitor affiliate referrals
  • Customizable commission structure


  • No multi-language support 


It has impressive free and premium versions to offer. The paid version has advanced capabilities, and the cost starts from $99/year. 

Experiment with Plugins and Improve your eCommerce Site’s User Experience using InstaWP

InstaWP is one of the easiest ways to create a testing environment for your live WordPress website. It offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive setup, so anyone without extensive technical knowledge can test a plugin like a pro.

You don’t need to invest in hiring professional services to test WordPress plugins for e-commerce. You can do it yourself and take charge of improving your website performance.

InstaWP provides a convenient and efficient way to create a temporary WordPress staging site that you can use to experiment with different WordPress plugins for eCommerce without affecting your live site. Use its sandbox environment to install and activate plugins, configure settings, and assess their impact on your live website.

The WordPress testing environment that you will create using InstaWP is highly collaborative and allows website owners to share it with others. This way, you can take feedback on the viability of top WordPress plugins from others and make a sensible decision.

Isn’t it straightforward? Yes, it is. The launch of InstaWP has made WordPress eCommerce optimization a hassle-free task, as website owners can now have a full-fledged staging site to test multiple tools and plugins. No coding and hosting hassles are there to deal with.


The article explained eCommerce plugins for WordPress, using which any eCommerce store can unleash new capabilities, improve the visibilities, and expand the customer reach. All these plugins are tried and tested. Thousands of businesses have already used them to excel.

It’s your turn now. However, wait a second! You shouldn’t hand over the responsibility of your online store’s growth directly in the hands of these WordPress plugins for eCommerce. Invest some time in testing them, and InstaWP is the best possible resource in this regard.

Without keeping you engaged with coding, InstaWP will help you create a staging website for testing these WordPress eCommerce plugins with full accuracy. 

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