This a step by step guide to connect to WordPress site on InstaWP via SFTP. To connect via SFTP you will need three things

  1. SSH Key Pair
  2. InstaWP Configuration
  3. FileZilla

Key Pair – Windows Users

Download Putty and generate a SSH key pair to be used to connect to SFTP server on InstaWP. Putty contains both – SSH connector and SSH Key pair generator.

Click on Generate and then move around your mouse to generate a RSA 2048 key.
Click on Save Public Key and Private key and save them on a known location.

Key Pair – Mac/Linux Users

Unix based systems comes with pre-installed command based SSH utility which can be accessed from terminal. To generate a key pair, simply enter.


This will generate a key in your home directory i.e ~/.ssh/ folder.

Configure InstaWP

Paste the SSH public key to your InstaWP profile at

Copy this value from ~/.ssh/ for Mac/Linux users or Puttygen window public key.

Next, enable FTP connection for your site (available only for paid users).

Copy the IP Address and Username.

Configure FileZilla

You can use any SFTP client, in this example we are using FileZilla. Create a new Site from Site manager.

Paste the IP Address / Username and Choose SFTP.

Select the Logon Type as “Key File” and browser the ppk file we generated earlier. (For Mac/Linux user browse to ~/.ssh/id_rsa and Filezilla will ask you to convert the file, then save it in a new location as ppk file.

Finally you can see all the files on the InstaWP server for your site, go to webapps to see all our web files and open the logs folder to see apache/nginx logs.